The thermometer hit 70 yesterday…..

It is about time!

It is still too early to plant, but we have some seeds ready to go!

I always seem to buy seeds….then lose the packets…or forget to plant them!

This year I decided to use them as decor on the chalkboard…..they are a reminder that Summer will really come soon!

Now on to Planting Pots of Pansies!
Mr. S got these pansies on a trip to Home Depot the other day.

I left them on the counter for a while….
until Mr. S. dropped suggested that it was probably time to get them planted!
He was right!  
Those 12 little plants made 3 nice plantings!

They look okay don’t they!?
But here is a little trick that can make your planters look like the ones in the fancy floral shops!
Do you notice the plastic planter and the dirt showing around the edges of the planter?
There is a simple and cheap solution for this first world problem!
Just a bit of Spanish Moss tucked in and around the plants hides the plastic and the dirt.

In fact….I use Spanish Moss a lot both indoors and out!

 It is cheap….and it fills in around plants when they haven’t grown big enough.

Just this little addition makes a big difference…don’t ya think?

Perfect Pots of Pansies….Sweetwater Style!

Have a Great Day!