I love twinkle lights!
They make me happy!
I always think of the line in the movie “You’ve Got Mail” when Kathleen makes the comment about the new big box book store going in down the street……..

“Listen, their store is new. It’s a novelty. It will shake out; meanwhile, I’m putting on more twinkle lights.

 The planter boxes on the deck had been around for a long time…..and over time….they started to rot!
We decided not to replace them when we saw that they were causing the deck railing to also rot!

Goodbye flowers….Goodbye a place to tuck solar lights around to get the twinkle light effect!

What to do?

Well….when we were in Mexico…we enjoyed sitting on the patio under the umbrella lit with tiny little solar powered twinkle lights that the Sweetwater brother put up!

The perfect solution for the Sweetwater deck!!

So….a little trip to Amazon Prime and I now have twinkle lights once more!

The solar battery collects lots of sun throughout the day!

I used little cup hooks…..
easily screwed into the deck board!

I just wrapped the lights around them all along the underside of the railing.

And now with just a little effort….and no fuss or cords….
I have my twinkle lights to make me happy!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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