We attended the wonderful wedding of one of my favorite co-workers on Saturday!  Everything was absolutely beautiful!

If you have ever been involved in planning a wedding you know that all that “wonderfulness” comes at a pretty hefty price!

“THRIFTY” and “WEDDING” almost seem to be ANTONYMS!!!

AHA….let’s look at what thrifty really means…..

thrifty [t̸hrifadjectiive

  1. The definition of thrifty is someone who is frugal and who is careful about where their money goes.
    An example of someone who would be described as thrifty is someone who makes wise and careful buying decisions.
    HMMMM……wise and careful buying decisions!
    I researched the typical cost of flowers for a wedding in Minnesota!  Real Simple has broken the typical wedding costs out by state!  Guess what!!!  It said that the typical flower budget for a Minnesota wedding is $1643-$2713!
     This site is an interactive cost calculator for wedding flowers.
    When I ran the numbers using this tool and the amount of flowers needed for this wedding totaled $1500!  (And that was using the least expensive category of flowers)
    Somehow, that doesn’t fit my definition of careful and wise buying decisions!!!!
    The challenge for this project was the size of the wedding party!  
    A wedding party of 10 Bridesmaids, 8 Groomsmen, 6 ushers etc….etc….etc!
    Come along and see how we did just that and saved a boatload of money on the flowers for this beautiful wedding!
    Market Flowers at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market
    Market Flowers at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market has a wonderful DYI program.
    You can go there….purchase your flowers and create your wedding bouquets on site!
    Well….you can if you make the reservation in time!
    Since we didn’t get a reservation…..
    we brought the flowers to Sweetwater and turned the kitchen into our “Flower Workshop!
    This was actually more fun because it was a nicer “venue” complete with refreshments and fresh from the garden greenery!
    The “Floral Design Team” included the Bride…..3 of the Bridesmaids and Me!
    This amazing and creative group put together all of the bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages in less than 3 hours!  In addition there were flowers for the 10 Aisle decorations!
    Guess what!   The total costs for everything including the raffia and other supplies was under $400!  HMMMM….that seems to fit the definition of THRIFTY in my book!
    I wish I had pictures of the “workshop”……but to be honest I was too busy making arrangements!
    I DO have photos at the wedding…..so enjoy!

    What a beautiful Bride….and you would never describe her bouquet as “inexpensive looking!
    The Bridesmaids bouquets looked nice at the ceremony and then were lovely decor for the tables during the social hour!

     The Sunflower filled vases graced the aisles during the wedding and then moved inside to decorate the “largest head table” ever!!!

    I guess what I hope you take away from this post is the fact that it is possible to make “WEDDING” and “THRIFTY” synonyms and not antonyms!
    Besides…..we had a lot of fun in the process!
    Have A Great Day!