Putting up decorations in the big window over the kitchen sink has always been a challenge!

Flashback to last Christmas!
There I was crawling on the counter….
Stepping around the sink….
Holding up the big wreath and trying to securely wire it to the window frame!
YIKES….If Mr. S had seen me….he would have been scolding me big time!
I got it up there!!!
It stayed without falling down!!
It looked nice!
This year….I decided to use the big wreath on the mantle mirror….
I wanted some kind of decor in this window!
It was time to call in the expert!!!
Mr. S of course!

I was planning to just get a tension rod and hang it in the window frame.
When I told Mr. S my plan….he didn’t like the idea that the rubber tips of the tension rod would mar the finish of the wood!
I said…..no big deal if we leave it up there permanently!
He said…..big deal if you have to refinish the wood later on!
I said….so what would YOU do?
He said….hmmmmm….and went in his den to read the paper!
I figured he was just ignoring this and my poor window would be bare this year!
NOPE…..he put his engineer’s brain to work and figured it out!

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best!

He took two little cup hooks….and screwed them to the underside of the upper window frame molding!
They can easily be removed and filled with a bit of wood putty and covered with a bit of stain!

Then he went to work and cut a piece of stainless steel tube/rod the perfect length!  It slips into the cup hooks to make a sturdy bar to hang “Stuff” from!

We were too lazy to go to buy a wooden dowel and stain it…..but obviously this would work too!

I may do this in the future so that the wood “disappears” into the molding….

The stainless looks great and didn’t cost us anything!
I got busy and wired these great looking Sugar Pine Cones together….
Added a good looking bow….
Then the whole thing simply tied to the rod with raffia!

SHHHH…..Don’t tell Mr. S…. 
I still had to climb on the counter and stand in the sink to reach the rod…..
But it was quick work with very little balancing!
And….it was worth it don’t you think?
Have A Wonderful Day!

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