At this time of year everyone seems to be focused on saving money!
The Holidays are an expensive proposition!
I was having an interesting discussion yesterday about the attitude surrounding saving money!
It got me thinking about the difference between being PARSIMONIOUS and being THRIFTY!
Are you ready for your language lesson for the day?

adjective ˌpär-sə-ˈmō-nē-əs

: very unwilling to spend money

1: exhibiting or marked by parsimony; especially :  frugal to the point of stinginess

2: sparing, restrained
par·si·mo·ni·ous·ly adverb


cheap, chintzy, close, closefisted, mean, mingy, miserly, niggard, niggardly, stingy, penny-pinching, penurious, pinching, pinchpenny, spare, sparing, stinting, tight, tightfisted, uncharitable, ungenerous
 YIKES!  I don’t think that I want to be PARSIMONIOUS!
But…..I do want to be THRIFTY!

1. using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.
Synonyms: frugal, economical, sparing, careful with money, penny-wise, provident, prudent,
Do you see the HUGE difference here?
It really is about the attitude about how you spend whatever resources you have!
Personally, I also think that it is about style!  I love beautiful things!  I love quality things.  I know that if I only shopped “retail”…..I could have a FEW of those beautiful things….so I choose to be a thrifter so that I can have MORE of those things!

a manner of doing something.
Synonyms: manner, way, technique, method, methodology, approach, system, mode, form,

  Christmas Decor at Sweetwater!

Have you SEEN the prices that the retail stores are charging for centerpieces and outdoor greenery!
Beyond MY budget…..but NOT beyond what I want!
DID YOU KNOW?  Home Depot and probably other places that sell Christmas trees will let you take the greens that are cut from the bottoms of the trees….FOR FREE!
So with a little bit of planning and DYI skills…and absolutely NO $$$$….you can have lots and lots of fresh greenery for your decor!
Here are some examples from past years……

This swag was made by simply bunching the “free” greens and adding a few dried berries (Goodwill finds) and a bow!

There is no way I would invest $$$ for a swag for the window!

 Adding fresh greens to a copper bowl with a candle and some items from salvaged potpourri creates a lovely centerpiece!

Again….no $$$ just a little time and creativity!

I saw these porch decorations for sale at a nursery for $40!

They make wonderful hostess gifts…..and really only take 10 minutes to make.

Three birch logs (free from the hunting land) some pine cones, greens, and a ribbon! 

More free greens pushed into a chicken wire frame is the base for this porch light decor!  
At Sweetwater….we have FIVE front lights….can you imagine what it would cost to buy one of these for each light…
That means….without the free stuff….my poor lights would have to be NAKED for the holidays!
Back to the language lesson!
If I wanted to be PARSIMONIOUS…..I would do without….and probably feel like Mr. Scrooge before his transformation!
Instead….by being THRIFTY…..I not only have lovely things for myself….It is fun to share and create with family and friends.  
Tomorrow and Sunday I participate in  “Make and Take” Workshops where friends come together and use all this FREE and THRIFTED stuff to make their own creations!
Not to mention….when it is time to give small token gifts to friends….I can do it in STYLE for very little money but lots of thought and love!
HMMMM…..hope that gets YOU thinking of the ways that being thrifty enhances YOUR life!  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this subject!
Have A Wonderful Day! (and hope you get to Home Depot to get yourself some free greens!)
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