Happy New Year to Everyone!

I have been looking around the place it has come to my attention that…

  “We have too much STUFF!
Sweetwater DOES NOT look like this!
Thank Goodness….
sometimes I worry that it will happen!
The definition of hoard and hoarding is:

1.a supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use, etc.:
2.to accumulate for preservation, future use, etc., in a hidden or carefully guarded place:

to hoard food during a shortage.

Hmmmmm…..I am not so sure about the carefully hidden or guarded bit….but if you look in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer here at Sweetwater…..I guess we have a hoard!

 “Compulsive hoarding” is a very real disorder.  A compulsive hoarder is someone having difficulty getting rid of items such that these things are filling up their living space.  I don’t want to make light of this in any way.  
I am also pretty sure that I am NOT a compulsive hoarder….because about this time every year I look at all that “STUFF” and think…..I better use this up!

And that is the plan……starting with all of the food that is left from holiday entertaining.
It seems that we “overbuy” for parties…..the thought of not having enough food….just seems wrong!  So that leaves a lot of very tasty leftovers!


The first step is to actually take inventory of what is there….
Then plan some meals around the “leftovers”.

We had a soup buffet on Sunday afternoon…..and this is what is leftover…

I HAVE wild rice in the freezer left over from the Wild Rice Soup…

I HAVE lots of broccoli that was for vegetable trays…
I HAVE lots of shredded cheese left from the garnish for the chicken chili.
I HAVE cream of mushroom soup (because we “overbought” for the wild rice soup….
I can use all of this to make this traditional baked casserole.  It is pretty simple and hearty enough for a main dish! 

2 c. cooked Wild Rice
2 c. blanched broccoli florets
1/4 c. butter
1/2 c. chopped celery
1/4 c. chopped onion 
2 c. shredded cheddar or colby cheese
1/2 c. bread crumbs
2 (10 3/4 oz. each) cans cream of mushroom soup
Melt butter, add celery and onion and cook until tender-crisp. 
Set aside.Grease 1 1/2 quart casserole. Layer half of wild rice, half of broccoli and half of cheese (save a little for topping) in casserole. Repeat layers, pour on cream of mushroom soup and sprinkle celery and onions over all. Top with reserved cheese. Cover and bake at 350°F for 35 minutes; remove cover sprinkle with bread crumbs and a bit more cheese and bake 15 minutes longer.

 But then….. I came across this recipe for a similar Casserole from Lee Drummond over at Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I just might try it….I like the fact that it doesn’t use processed soup.  Don’t you just love the way she writes her blogposts….what a super star!

Broccoli Casserole from the Pioneer Woman Cooks

This really looks delicious…..I may just save the mushroom soup and try it!

I will let you know….but for sure there will be Broccoli Wild Rice Casserole on the Sweetwater table tonight!

Have A Wonderful Day and Happy New Year!