I am spending my time “Un-Decking the Halls” here at Sweetwater!

I bet you are doing the same thing at your house!

As much as I love the holiday season….come New Year’s Day it begins to feel like much too much of everything! I’m ready and eager to pare it all down and return to simpler “uncluttered” spaces.

The obvious Christmas themed decor is packed away safely in storage bins…..
The artificial garland and twinkle lights are “ghosts of Christmas 2014″….

Uncluttered is ONE thing…..but BARE is quite another!

 Mr. S keeps asking me if he can get rid of all the left over “Home Depot Greenery” cluttering up the garage!  I keep telling him that I still need it! 

Who says evergreens and pine cones are just for December?   NOT ME!
I intentionally keep the greenery around for the whole dreary month of January!

Here are some ways to use “bits” of the holiday to transition through the long cold days of January!

The arrangement on the kitchen sink window sill is simple enough to stay…..did you know that the pomegranates in there will dry naturally over time…especially in the dry air of a Minnesota house in winter.

The big pine cone decoration in the kitchen window can stay…..the copper colored bow isn’t screaming Christmas….

I always buy one of these little cedar trees every year.  I love the way they smell.  The trick to keeping them alive is to NEVER let the dirt dry out….This is on the kitchen counter…but I think it will end up in the Master Bathroom….maybe in a silver or white vase/pot!

The greens in this arrangement are still nice and soft….I added the grape clusters from the swag that was on the dining room mirror and now this can stay for a few more weeks!
I need to hunt around for some things to put on the upper shelf of the bakers rack….maybe something green!

Red is the accent color in the living room….these pointsettias LOVE the bright light in the front window….I am not ready to ditch them until they start to look ragged!  What a bright cheerful accent they are!

The greenery in the vases on the family room mantel is still nice….the big lit wreath is gone….replaced with some burlap puffs….and a couple of bright cheerful pieces of framed art for a nice clean and simple look.

The lower level family room is one of our favorite cozy winter spaces…..we spend lots of time around the fire on cold winter nights!

The mantel stayed pretty much the same….the elk antlers are the centerpiece.  A simple vase of greens, a fun arrangement with some pheasant feathers and a framed print of a winter scene certainly look “un-christmassy” and can stay until at least February.

I am so thrilled with this new piece of art….great story….a Christmas card from a friend was this photo of their barn….I loved it so much that I asked for the electronic image…I  enlarged and framed it.  It is a perfect accent for the wall! We love to use photos from special places we love….the photo on the mantel is one of those special spots….the cabin in Winter!

I imagine that I will continue to tweak the decor in the coming weeks….but for now….the transitions are working!

So before you pack everything Holiday away…..look your stuff over and see what YOU can do for your own transitional decor!  I would love to hear about your ideas!

Have A Great Day…

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