Home Depot is selling 5 little pots of herbs for $10 this week!

That is a great deal…..but it is way too early here in Minnesota to put plants outside!

In fact….yesterday, I drove to a meeting through snowflakes bigger than cottonballs…go figure!

Since the herbs were such a bargain…I couldn’t pass them up!

I put together this nice little basket for a centerpiece on the kitchen table.

Here are a couple of things I did to “style” this little basket!

Buying baskets at Goodwill makes a lot of sense (cents 🙂 ) Mr. S might disagree….in fact he does disagree….he thinks my “basket stash” is too full!
In this case…I had the perfect little basket for my herbs.  I like that it has a handle…it will be easy to put out on the deck on warmer days to get the full effect of the sun!

The first thing I did was line the basket with the plastic bags that I brought the herb pots home in.  This allows me to put the basket on a wood surface with no worry.

Then….the pots that the herbs came in were two different heights. They were also a little short for the basket.

I tucked some crushed newspaper and paper toweling in the bottom to create the right height for the pots.

I decided to use some squares of fabric around the base of the pots to disguise the edges and create a nice background.
I went really neutral, but wouldn’t checks or a bright print look nice too?

The finishing touch is a little chalkboard marker sign made from some little trays I spray painted with chalkboard paint.

HMMMM….I might just have to go back to Home Depot and get some more bargain herbs!
This would make a really nice hostess gift or even Mother’s Day gift!

I also bought these two Ranuncula plants when I was shopping. 

The basket styling technique is pretty similar…..plastic bags in the bottom with Spanish Moss to hide the pot edges.

This looks so springlike and cheerful on the counter next to the chalkboard easel!
And speaking of chalkboards…..

(getting a good photo of this chalkboard is almost impossible….it is in a narrow stairwell….but you get the idea)
 You can see that I am truly anxious for some dirt under my fingernails!
the lack of warmth and sunshine is making me CONTRARY!

Have A Wonderful Day!  Go Plant Something!

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