You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.

— Old Zen adage
Obviously….Marvin takes this adage to heart!

He has discovered the cushions in the Yoga room and “meditates” there for hours! 
It was time to give the mantel in the family room a seasonal update.
Of course….I wanted to “Use what I Have”!
I decided to go with a tranquil and simple ZEN look!
The process was pretty simple!
I went out in the garden and cut a bunch of different big Hosta leaves.
Those went into two big off white Haeger vases from my Goodwill collection.
I added some white-washed curly sticks as accents.
Then…I put this wonderful big smooth “yoga rock” on a pedestal that is just another off-white Haeger vase tipped upside down.
Very ZEN don’t you think!?

I headed to the Yoga room….

(I was careful NOT to interrupt Marvin’s meditation session!)

The canvas Gingko print is one that I found a few years ago at Goodwill.

It usually hangs on the wall in the Yoga room…but seemed to be the perfect accent for the Zen mantel!

The total look is just what I was aiming for.

Simplicity, tranquility….but most of all Thrifty!
Maybe this has inspired you to “shop” your house and yard for your own decor change up!
or at least…..inspired you to go sit quietly for awhile!
Marvin highly recommends it!
Have a Wonderful Day!