The words “Back to School” are very different for me now that I am retired!
I am NOT trying to get a thousand projects done before school starts!
I am NOT going to meetings that seem to steal precious minutes from the last precious days!
If I used to feel the pressure of “Back To School”….
Can you just imagine how kids feel?
Here is a bit of advice for you parents out there! 
Give your kids a bit of space to enjoy their last precious days!
Instead of asking them to do their Summer Reading…..Read TO THEM!
A collection of great picture books is an important “furnishing” for any house!

This burlap covered box sits in the lower level family room next to the old school desk.

It is filled with lots of great books……almost ALL from Good Will.
I never, never, ever go to Good Will without checking out the children’s book aisle.
These classics are in super nice condition and cost less than three dollars each.
I stick to buying the picture book read-a-louds.
BUT…..there are always lots of the series books that kids love
AND…lots of non-fiction titles about any number of things!
Wouldn’t it be fun to take your kiddos on a “field trip” to Good Will…JUST for books?
For less than $10…you could all find some books that will fill those last precious days with relaxation. So take my advice…for what it is worth….and DROP EVERYTHING and READ!
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Have A Wonderful Day!