This is a photo that the Sweetwater Son took when he was in Singapore.

We really enjoyed this spot when we were there last October.

The “ship” is actually a Casino!

The two glass structures are the Gardens By the Bay.  These huge “terrarium” like buildings house the Flower Dome and the Cloud Dome.

He and the soon to be Sweetwater daughter in law had the photo printed on canvas as my birthday gift.  You can imagine that I was anxious to find a good place to hang it.


 This is a picture that was hanging in the family room.

A few weeks ago I rematted it and when I did….. the glass cracked.

It cracked when after I put it in the frame.
I kept putting off replacing the glass because that would mean that I had to touch the broken glass!!!!

I have such a phobia about broken glass.  I don’t know why.  I don’t have any history of an accident involving glass breaking.
BUT….just the thought of touching a broken edge of glass makes me almost sick to my stomach!
I did some research and found out that there is actually a name for this fear. 

Nelophobia (also known as hyelophobia or hyalophobia) is the fear of glass. The fear is caused by the fragile nature and possibility that the glass will break and cause injury. 
WHATEVER it is called….I have it!
Back to the topic at hand….Adding a Frame to a Canvas Print….
I decided that this frame would be a great way to showcase the canvas print!

I was very brave and took the cracked glass out of the frame….gritting my teeth the whole time.

I taped the jagged edge so that when it went in the trash it wasn’t a safety hazard for the trash men.

Too funny…..the frame was a long ago Goodwill purchase and the foam core board backing the artwork is a promotional image for some kind of real estate group!

Not to worry….the foam core was the perfect solution for this project.

I had some nice plain natural colored canvas in the fabric stash!

The canvas got wrapped around the foam core and secured with painters tape.  Not pretty or elegant….but it is never going to be seen by anyone!

The bone folder helped to smooth the bumps out.

It took some time to pull and stretch the canvas tight.

The canvas print has stretchers that are about 1/2 inch deep.

This makes it easy to hang on these 3 push pins.

That is also the beauty of using foam core for the inset….the pins just stick right in!

The Canvas print “hangs” in the center of the canvas wrap foam core.

It was necessary to add some double sided mounting tape to each corner to further secure the canvas to the backing.

I love the way this makes the lovely print the right size to be a focal point on this large wall.

Have A Wonderful Day!

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