Thanksgiving is late in the month this year.  
Thanksgiving at Sweetwater is even later, as we are gathering the Saturday 
AFTER Thanksgiving.
I just can’t see decorating the house for Christmas and then eating Thanksgiving dinner.
That means I won’t be doing any decorating for Christmas until the 29th or 30th YIKES!

I have been looking through my holiday linens to see if they need laundering etc.
I came across the lovely Swedish table runner handed down to us from “Grandma Helga”.

It is stamped or hand painted linen….and it always makes me nervous to put it out….in case it gets stained….I have no idea how it would launder or even stand a trip to the dry cleaners.

So…..our dirty little secret….this thing is over 50 years old….and it has NEVER been cleaned!  Using it with food on a table is probably not the best idea.

Here is the AHA idea I had to display this “heirloom”!
It has become wall art!
It only took 10 minutes!

The secret is using rigid styrofoam insulation sheets.

These sheets are great to have in your craft stash….and at less than $2.00 a piece they are economical.

It was simply a matter of pinning the runner onto the foam.
The corners are mitered…and I added a bit of blue painter’s tape along the back edges to secure it.
The fact that the pins do not damage the fabric is a the real bonus in using this technique.

The table runner turned wall art is now gracing the lower level hallway.  The chalk pastel is another “heirloom”.  It is a painting of one ancestor painted by her uncle. This is a  little holiday decor that isn’t shouting CHRISTMAS!

We would love to get a translation of the Swedish…so if there is anyone out there who could tell us what it says….that would be amazing!

This project would be easy to replicate.
I was at Tuesday Morning yesterday.  They had so many holiday table runners.
Or….you could use smaller pieces of the styrofoam and do something with a pretty napkin or placemat!  Wouldn’t these be great looking?



Ha en bra dag! (I think that is Have a Good Day in Swedish)

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