Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope your day is filled with hugs and kisses….especially the chocolate kind!


I hope that you have flowers!

Mr. S surprised me with a lovely bunch of flowers from the grocery store!

Now before you go thinking….”what a cheapskate”!  You need to know that  my favorite part of getting flowers is the fun of doing my own arrangement!  It is sort of a gift within a gift..

 Thanks Mr. S!

Do you see the lovely Hydrangea in the center of the arrangement?
I do love me a Hydrangea….even one that has been DYED pink!
If you are also a Hydrangea lover, you know how persnickety these lovelies are!
After only one day, this is how the bloom looked!
Floppy and sad looking!
You probably think that taking it out and throwing it away would be the best thing to do with a flower that looks this bad.
You CAN actually revive Hydrangeas when they droop!
This little trick almost always works!  That is my disclaimer!  But it is always worth a try!

Start by removing the flower from the arrangement.

Use a really sharp knife to make a brand new diagonal cut.

Hydrangea stems are very woody and strong. (you would think that would keep them from drooping)

Anyway….DO NOT skip this step!

Place the flower in the sink or another really deep container that allows the whole thing to be immersed.
Fill the sink with super cold water until the flower is totally covered.
Pay special attention to the cut end of the flower.  If it isn’t covered this won’t work  (DUH)!
Cover the whole thing up with a paper towel.  The wet paper towel will also weight down the bloom.
Leave the flower in the water bath for about 3 hours.  You can check then.  If the bloom is still droopy, wait another couple of hours!  
The magic happened!
(another benefit with this one….some of the pink dye got diluted 🙂 )
Now the bloom can go back into the arrangement looking better than before!
Have A Wonderful Day!
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