I guess you might say that here at Sweetwater the decor “hopping down the bunny trail”!
In the spirit of minimalism, our Easter decor is just all about the bunnies.
The front hall table has this great rabbit print.
The painting is called “Young Hare” and it was painted by Albrecht Durer in 1502.
I have always loved this print, so it was a happy day when I found this cast iron door stop to match.

The little planter isn’t Fitz and Floyd, but it sure has the look.
I plunked some wheat grass in for the bunnies to enjoy.
I paired with the real Fitz and Floyd platter and salad plates and those little fake cabbages that I got at Good Will.  Very Peter Rabbit, don’t you think?   

Last, but not least…..
These two wonderful paper mache rabbits have a great view of the real bunnies who are hopping around and nibbling the tulips in the garden!

That is the sum total of the Easter décor around here this year….
Well…except for a basket of goodies for the Sweetwater Grandboy!
Have a wonderful Day!