The perfect combination!
I wouldn’t say that I am addicted to crafting…well maybe a little obsessed…not addicted!
I would have to admit that I am addicted to coffee.
The aroma…
The taste…
The warmth…
The BUZZ… 
It is all good!
There are some things you can do with coffee besides drinking it!
How simple to make aromatic candles using coffee beans and votives.

Put some coffee beans in a pretty glass, vase or funny coffee cup to make a pencil holder.
When you pick up a pencil, you get a little hint of coffee aroma!
Funny story….I used to do this for the coffee holders in the Media Center.
Great idea….until…I got a phone call from a parent informing me that some of the kids were EATING the beans to get a caffeine buzz!

This is a wreath I saw hanging on the door of a coffee shop in New Orleans this winter.
I took the picture thinking, “I could make one of these!”

It took me seven months to finally get around to doing it!

A dollar store foam wreath is the base. 
This burlap ribbon was another find at the dollar store.

 The ribbon is wrapped around the foam base to make sure none of the green would show through.
No coffee related project should happen WITHOUT a cup of coffee.
Trusty glue gun heated up….
Coffee beans at hand….
It is just a matter of gluing those babies on…..

So I glued and glued and glued!
I have to admit…
This took a little longer than I had hoped!
AND… fingers ended up dark brown with a few glue gun burns.
In fact…I did this over the course of a couple of days!
No one ever accused me of having a long attention span!
ESPECIALLY when I am drinking coffee!
Perserverance paid off!
With a burlap bow and a favorite coffee quote, this little craft turned out well.
I was hoping the wreath would give off a bit of aroma.
It doesn’t!
I was hoping that the project would lend itself to a “gift project”.
But I know I won’t have the patience to do this again.
So my friends….if you want one of these…you will have to make it yourself!
Have A Wonderful Day!