A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new comforter set for the guest bedroom. It isn’t fancy schmancy…just a “bed in a bag” deal from Target.

The price was right.
So  into the cart it went.

When I got home….
I took the bedding out of the bag.

It looks great

The print is nice.
It is an update that still works with the paint color in the room.

The texture of the fabric is really soft and smooth.

I was super happy with my purchase…..until….I unfolded the bedskirt.
That is….if you can call a sleazy, lightweight piece of gray fabric a skirt!
There was no pleating or gather to the thing.
It hardly covered the edge of the bed and gapped at the corners.
I knew I would have to upgrade this in short order.

I purchased of 3 yards of this great looking gray upholstery fabric at my favorite fabric outlet store.
It cost $10 a yard.
I wanted a heavy weighted fabric so that the bed skirt would look almost like the box spring was upholstered.

If you are a regular reader, you know how much this seamstress loves a “NO SEW” project. This is a perfect example.

I started by laying the fabric on the box spring and sort of playing around with how it would “turn the corner”.  I realized that if I mitered the corner, it would look like upholstery.
I measured the height of the box spring and added 6 inches.

2 inches for the hem
4 inches for the part at the top to attach to the box spring.

I cut two long pieces of fabric…..one from each side so that the finished selvage was along one side of each piece. That way it would have a clean look without having to finish it.

The two long pieces were sewn in the center with a simple seam.
*disclaimer…..somehow one seam still seems to rate as a no sew project.
If you don’t have a sewing machine….you could actually use stitch witchery to adhere the two pieces together or use a simple hand baste.

I used fusible web to hem the lower edge.  This is a case where “no sew” is better than stitching.  The fused hem will stay completely flat with no stitches to show.  The important tool here is the iron.

Once the long strip was hemmed, it was time to attach it to the box spring.

I used simple straight pins.
I pinned down into the box spring every 4 inches or so.

 Straight pins aren’t the best thing to use.
They tend to get pulled out over time.
I wanted to get this project done.
I didn’t want to wait until I had some upholstery screws.


I have some of these nifty little guys coming from Amazon.

They were only $6

They screw into the surface and won’t come out….so I will replace the pins with them when they arrive.

Getting the skirt pinned to the bed was a 10 minute project.
Mitering the corners was also simple and makes the clean wrapped look I was after.

Once this was done….we put the mattress back on the bed and made it up with the new comforter.
I think the tailored look and quality fabric on the skirt elevates the look of this typical “bed in a bag”.

And the best part was….it was “ALMOST NO SEW”!

Have A Creative Day!

A Sunny Simple Life