Don’t worry…..I am not going to go all political on you!
The cover up at Sweetwater is NOT scandalous!
It is simply the way that I “used what I had” to cover up some old plastic planters!
Mr. S is always trying to get me to throw away all the old pots around here.
They are stacked up behind the garage in an unsightly pile.
I just can’t bring myself to buy new ones…..because they still are “good enough” to use.
A couple of the old pots got used to plant some dark red geraniums and some zebra grass.  
(you know me….why spend money on an accent plant when you have way too many “accents” growing in the garden)
Well….you can see that the old plastic terra cotta colored planter was maybe….NOT good enough!
It was pretty faded and a little dirty….
I thought about using spray paint…..but it still would have that plastic look.
Then I remembered my fabric stash!
I have a lot of burlap…..remember when burlap was all the rage?
That burlap turned out to be just the cover up that was needed to pretty up the faded old pot.
How I did it:
I cut a large square of fabric.
I trim the corners to create a circle.
I gathered up the edges and tied it with a burlap ribbon.
I tucked the edges of the burlap up inside the planter and secured them with some picks.
Pretty darn simple.
I know that the burlap is porous enough to let the water drain….
If you do this with fabric that is not loosely woven, be sure to cut some drainage holes.
HMMMM….this might be a good trick to use to cover up a basic store pot when you give a plant as a gift.
HMMMM….what else could I use for my cover ups….off to the internets and look at the ideas I found!

I guess Mr. S had better resign himself to the unsightly pile of pots behind the garage!
I have projects in mind… watch out!