I haven’t been haunting the thrift stores as often as usual these last weeks.  Getting my house in order and starting this blog are really eating into my “retail therapy sessions”!
But here are a few items I have scored so far this summer…..as well as some “oldies but goodies” worth sharing with you!

Look at this super cute sailor dress 99 cents-probably because there was a teeny red ink mark at the bottom of the white border. Bleach pen didn’t work-darn….what to do?  I simply turned up 1/4 inch and top stitched the ink-mark (now pretty faded) into the back side of the hem.  I sent off to Cecilia, my daughter’s law school partner’s little girl.  Hope I get a picture of her wearing it!

Just a warning about buying stuff at Goodwill for other people: 

  • Only shop for other thrift store junkies
  • Only buy brands that you know they would buy retail.
  • Wash and iron clothing items before you “gift” them….they look nicer too!
  • Always tell (brag) about the bargain!
  • Spend some time convincing the men in your life that thrift items will work for them!

This is a real steal…..the tags are still on this Eileen Fisher pure silk shell.  Since it is a M and I am a S it was a little big under the arms.  I debated taking it to the tailor…but since I’m on Summer Break….I altered it myself.  Success.
This top looks great with the taupe silk Eileen Fisher pants I got a couple of months ago….”tres elegante”or at least as elegant as you can get for $20 bucks!
This brand top at Nordstroms sells for $88 and the pants are over $150 if you can even find them!

Here is a great Floraline vase that fits in with my collection.  I think the round shape will be one that I use often. It is marked on the bottom…406…and an internet search found the identical item selling for anywhere between $8 and $35!  My cost was only 2.99…hurrah for me!

Check out this Jones New York Evening dress. It is just perfect to wear at one of the weddings we are attending this summer.  I stopped in at Goodwill one day after some frustrating time in fitting rooms at Macy’s, VonMaur, Opitz and TJMaxx….hadn’t found anything I was willing to spend money on…..The thrift gods must have known I needed them!  There it was….just $8.99.  I think I will splurge and let the tailor shorten it because it has a rolled hem.  Even if it costs $10 or $15 dollars to hem….I still got an amazing deal don’t you think? In fact, I think this might require me to do a little “shoe shopping therapy”!

 These Columbia Sport shorts are soooo comfortable….and they make my “yard butt” look acceptable….saw them on the Columbia website for $30…mine were 2.99…yippee!

I have already worn this IZOD hoodie 3 times! It is made of the softest knit.  Great quality….goes with a pair of brown yoga pants I already had!

I really haven’t had any luck with items for the house but I’m sure that will change. 
I am looking for a chair to refurbish so maybe next week I will have luck with that.

Here are a couple of examples of past treasures:

Do you love lamps as much as I do?
 I have had some pretty good luck finding lamps….shades-not so much.  Look at these examples of Goodwill lamps that are in our house.

I first bought one of this pair of lamps….$7 I think….because I knew it would look good with my new living room color scheme….kept thinking I should have bought the pair….

 Because I pray often to the Goodwill Gods….when I went back….the other one was still there!

 This contemporary lamp has such a great shape….not happy with the shade…but will keep looking for a better one.

 I love the look of the hand painted design on this lamp….the harp on it is just crooked enough to drive my son’s “perfectionist” eye crazy…but it doesn’t bother me!

 I bought a box of wedding invitation stationery that has such a great design.  I use my computer to create a header and print out custom notes.

Hmmmm…I should do some for gifts!

All the Goodwill stores around here will have 50% off sales on the 4th of July….but I think I will opt out of the craziness of that.  Since it is nearing 100 degrees out, it is too hot to garden and all this writing about Goodwill means….that is where I am heading.

Would love to have you share your treasure hunting successes!