The temperature in Minnesota is going to hit 100 degrees today!
I love warm weather but this is a bit much!

Try this easy way to “air condition” your couch.  Use a sheet for sewn slip covers or take the easy route and just tuck and pin. Read on to find out how!
Years ago my Mom would cover our itchy couch with sheets in the summer.
I think she did it to save the sofa from the 4 grubby little kids in the house.
But what I remember was the cool feeling of the sheets on a hot summer day-no air conditioning back in those days!
Fast forward to today!
I love the dark cozy feeling of the color scheme in our family room-EXCEPT in the Summer!
The couch is dark with chenille cushions that are warm and wonderful in the winter, but not so much in Summer.
I wanted to bring back that cool comfort from my childhood.
My project was simplified because I didn’t cover the whole couch-just the cushions.

Since I do have a bit of experience with sewing and upholstery, I decided to make slipcovers for the cushions. Soooo….

  • I… Headed out to the fabric store-
  • I… Bought a bunch of non-returnable beige linen fabric-
  • I …HATED the fabric color in the family room  when I got it home-
  • I …Hid that in the closet for another project some day-
  • I …Went to the linen closet and found a set of King Size sheets that were the perfect color and oh so soft (400 count….Nice)
  • I…Got to work and tried one cushion…..Success!

There are lots of tutorials for making slipcovers out there-this post isn’t one of them….
Try these if you want great step by step how to directions  and want to learn to slipcover:
 Apartment Therapy
Step By Step Slipcovers
But in true Sweetwater Style….I would suggest you just get your sheets and go for it.

Hints-Tips-Shortcuts for Sewing Cushion Covers
  • I… made these slipcovers without welting because I wanted a loose casual feel and I didn’t want this to be a week long project.
  • I…. hand stitched the openings to avoid buying zippers-cheapo me-but these aren’t something that needs to last forever.
  • I… did serge the seams so that they can be washed without disintegrating.

 NO Sew Options
  • If you don’t want to destroy your sheets, you can simply tuck the sheet around the cushions and attach the excess with upholstery or safety pins. (what you can’t see… won’t mind)
  • Cut a piece of fabric for each seat cushion and wrap it like you would a package.  Then just use a basting stitch to keep everything in place.
  • Make pillow sham style covers for the back loose cushions with a lap over in the back.
  • If you want an even more “shabby chic” look, use an old quilt draped and tucked over the back and seat cushions.

I know that when the temperature outside is oppressive this afternoon, my sofa will be a cool and inviting spot for a nap.
So go to your linen closet, find a sheet and experiment. Let me know how you do!
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0 comments on “Summer Look for Your Couch-Use Sheets

  1. Anonymous

    Hi there! I love your idea about the sheets. We are in our winter months here in Australia, but I will try to remember your idea when summer comes around. It gets really hot here too and we are always looking for ways to cool things down. Thank you for sharing:)

  2. freckled laundry

    Beautiful. I lay a cotton duvet over my sofa because I love the cool in the summer too…and it's a white sofa & I have toddlers. hehe! Thank you for linking with air your laundry Friday!


  3. Leigh-Ann

    Love this post! I've got a pretty, thrift store sheet over the attached back and removable seat cushions on our couch right now…

  4. Monique Charles

    A year later, I find this post! I just recently got the idea to cover my sofa and love seat with white sheets, because I just wanted a change from dark green. I got a little frustrated today, when I just couldn't figure out how to make it work. I already know exactly what I want to do with the small throws, but the rest of the couch…

    Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to get started now!