Last week I covered the cushions for the chairs in the living room.
I did the whole nine yards….zippers and welting.

They turned out great….but it was a real pain!
It took me 2 afternoons to get it done-and I am a pretty good seamstress!

That got me thinking about all the blog posts telling about how easy it is to do stuff like this!
Well it can be done but it isn’t EASY!

Now look at these cushions!

I did them in about an hour!
I didn’t use a sewing machine!
They look pretty good too!

 Now that is Sweetwater Style!
AND-Like it says in the blog header….”You can do it too!

Read on to find out how!

If you can sew on a button-you can do this!
If you can wrap a box-you can do this!


Square cushion form-these were in my closet left over from some other project
Quilt batting-watch the coupons at fabric stores….great time to buy batting.

Step 1: Cover the foam with the batting
               use giant basting stitches to close the edges on the form so it doesn’t shift when you sit on it

Step 2: Lay the cushion on the fabric and cut a piece big enough to wrap around the cushion.
              leave a good amount of overlap-you can always trim it away later.

 Step 3: Fold the fabric over the cushion front to back.  Pull it tight.  Fold in the edges and pin along the whole back edge.  I suppose you could iron the edge fold…but seriously….WHY!

 Step 4: On each corner fold in the side and miter in the corners just like wrapping paper on a gift.
Bring the sides up and lap them over….pinning along the two sides.

 Step 5:  You are ready to hand stitch the edges. If you don’t have a curved needle….GET ONE…you will thank me! The curve of the needle lets you go into the cushion when you are stitching and makes the job a lot easier.

Hand stitch the sides first and then the back.  You can pull and adjust as you go to make a smooth seam.
Step 6: Run an iron over your seams for a finished look!

Step 7: Stand back and give yourself a pat on the back!

When I saw this remnant of Sunbrella fabric….I just HAD TO HAVE it!

Using the almost no sew technique…..It is now the new cover on the bench cushion by the firepit!

Hmmmm…..remember the sheets on the couch….click on the photo if you don’t….
If you aren’t a big sewer….I bet you could do the almost no-sew technique to do this too!

 I am sure you can “just do this” too!

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