Paper and tape and ribbons….oh my!
Seems like every other day this summer I have been wrapping a present for some wonderful occasion.
Look at some of these amazing packages.

Great huh?  The reality is that if you are like me, you probably buy the gift you need on the way home from work or errands and need it wrapped and ready to go immediately.

Here are some tips and tricks I use to make it looked like I actually planned ahead!
I really love to wrap gifts.
I am really pretty good at it and I think my gifts usually look pretty nice.
I could probably copy the gift wrapping on the packages in the photos if I wanted to.
If I did, the wrapping would cost almost as much as the gift! 
That just isn’t Sweetwater Style!

The real issue for me is that my friends and family always seem to have special events when I am the busiest….not very thoughtful of them…but hey it is their party!

To solve this dilemma, I have a secret!

I keep at least 5 gift wrapped boxes ready to go on a closet shelf.
The only thing missing is the gift!
How does this work?
It is really pretty simple.

Notice that top and bottom of the boxes are wrapped separately.  Take the top off—put the gift in—go to the party!

Pretty Sneaky!  Don’t tell, but sometimes I put a couple of the boxes in the car… ON THE WAY TO THE PARTY…finish the wrapping in the car!

You just need to carve out a free hour some day and get out some plain boxes (I know you have a stash of boxes you are saving).
Get your pretty papers, ribbons, tape and scissors and start wrapping.

The technique for wrapping the top of a box isn’t much different than wrapping the whole box.
Measure the paper and fold the edges up over the box.
Miter the corners in.
Tape the paper edge inside the box….no one will ever look to see how neat you are….so you don’t need to be to fussy!
If I use an all white box, I sometimes don’t even wrap the bottom.

Here is the REAL SECRET!

Don’t stop when you have wrapped the packages!

  • Put tissue paper in the box

  • Add a generic note card and envelope

  • Add a piece of ribbon big enough to go around the box

  • Make a bow and tuck it in the box

  • Put the cover back on and the next time you need a present in a hurry…..Instant Gift Wrap!

 Some of my sources for inexpensive gift wrapping supplies
For Paper
 Check the aisles at Good Will
Garage Sales
End of season sales at Target and other stores 
(buy solid colors and no one knows it is holiday paper)
White Freezer or butcher paper
Brown paper for mailing
I buy wrapping paper when the neighbor kids are fund raising (not cheap but a good cause)
 For Ribbon
The bins at Michael’s(this is the link to this week’s coupon,  
Harris Fabric Outlet (in the Mpls area) had ribbon bolts for ridiculous prices
CostCo always has wired ribbon during holiday seasons (50 yards for $7)
Sateen ribbon is often on the shelf at Good Will or other thrift shops
Save the pretty ribbon off of gifts you receive
I am going to go wrap a wedding gift now.
It is too big for any of my pre-wrapped boxes….Go FIgure!
Have a great weekend….
We have a fun filled family wedding this weekend so I will be away from the blog.
See you next week!

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