Don’t you just love the flower design that was on the wedding invitation for Chad and Stephanie’s wedding?

I did and of course I knew that the bride and groom to be must love it too.

I wanted something personal to add to my shower gift of white towels.
I came up with a way to add this design element to a candle.

Read on to find out how and see a celebration of my new favorite color…..GUAVA!


1 plain glass candle
12 inch wide card stock 
Post It Photo Paper
Thin ribbon

Step 1:  Scan the image from the invitation
Step 2:  Design your band on whatever software you have that allows you to manipulate images and text.  The image below is the design I created.

Step 3: Print out your design.  I used Post-it Photo paper with a high gloss shine.  The self-adhesive made it easy to attach.  

Step 4: Cut a strip of card stock long enough to completely go around the candle

 Step 4: Use Zots to attach the cardstock to the candle.  These little adhesive dots come on a roll and are great to work with for a project like this.  You have time to reposition if you need to.

Step 5: Attach the printed design and a little ribbon and you are done!


Now a little color therapy! 
Inspiration! Why I am loving guava!
The real deal
Guava Cheescake Recipe from

Guava by Butter

Geometric Guava from
   Fauna rug from
OPI Elephantastic Pink
Chanel Apricot Gloss

Cafe Con Leche Pastelito de Guayaba by Marie Soto Robbins at

Maybe this will inspire you to add a little GUAVA in your life!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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