I used to make fun of my mom for reusing aluminum foil and washing out bread bags to use as plastic wrap.
Mom, it is your turn to make fun of ME!

I used my old yoga mat to back the new rug I made!

I did it the same way I showed on this post.

 Check it out if you need specifics.
 The really cool thing what I discovered about the new rug when it was finished and in place!

Have you seen those fancy anti-fatigue rugs?
I linked this one from Amazon….

Well, the yoga mat rug seems to have the same feel.  What a happy accident!
I am hoping it has the same effect for really really cheap.
Obviously the yoga mat is not made from “space age gel material” but it is resilient and non-slip.

The $60 rug is 3/4 inch think
The yoga mat version is about half that….but with the fabric on top it is really soft!

I love the way it feels
I love the way it looks

Dave seems to agree!

Have a great day!…..

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