Fall is in the air…and of course that makes me think about shopping!
I have been paging through the latest catalogs on my iPad catalog App.
There are lots of blazers and jackets featured in all of them.
I guess this classic look will never go out of style!
After shopping the catalogs….I shopped my closet!

Inspiration: Camel Hair Blazer from Brooks Brothers. A whopping $598!
Seriously, who would spend $600 for a jacket no matter how classic and soft?

 From my closet!
Brooks Brothers 100% Camel hair Blazer!
$8.99 from Goodwill!
$30 tailoring tab!
Sweetwater Stye at it’s finest!

And….I’ve got more to show you!
I don’t think I have a single jacket that I paid more than $40 for…and most were under $10!
Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops always have racks of jackets.
Even though I already have way too many…I can’t resist browsing through just in case… 
And here are some examples bargains that were just too good to pass up! 

 You could spend $300 for this classic Austin Reed Double Breasted Blazer…..yeah right!

You could shop at Goodwill and have both a red one and a blue one…..
and mine come with their own cat hair!

(both Austin Reed….I’ve had them so long I don’t remember how much I paid…..but it wasn’t $300!!!!

Now here is the REAL steal!!!!

 This St. John Collection Knit Jacket at Nordstrom’s is bargain priced at a mere $998 dollars…..Really? You could feed a family for a couple of months for that….Really? Do people actually buy this stuff?
Well they obviously do….and then donate it to Goodwill….Really!!!
How do I know?

Because I found this St. John Collection Knit Blazer with leather trim and embroidery detailing at Goodwill 2 weeks ago!  It is absolutely beautiful…..and I can’t wait to wear it!

And I will still be able to buy food this month because it only cost $14.99!

The biggest problem I have….because of the quality of my “steals” and the classic styles….they never wear out or go out of fashion….I don’t need any more…..
That’s good for YOU….because I am leaving some treasures on the rack for you to discover!

Tim Gunn says, “No single item of apparel dresses up a look better than a blazer. You’re doing Saturday catch-up at the office in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, when your boss calls to thank you with an invitation to lunch. Can you think of a better save?”

I challenge you in Tim’s immortal words….Go out and “MAKE IT WORK!”

You really should read this great article about how to wear a blazer!

Have a wonderful week!

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