I am on “project strike” today…..yeah I know I got a whole extra hour of sleep…..
and what did I do with it?

I did NOT upholster the 2 library chairs waiting in the lower level!I did NOT do the laundry!
I did NOT think about how much has to get done next week!
I did NOT hem the 2 pair of pants that are waiting!
I did NOT mat and frame the print I am doing for a friend…even though it has been a month since he brought it to me!
I did NOT mat and frame the new art we bought at the Memphis Art Fair…even though I really want it on the wall!


I went shopping…..not for anything I need….just shopping!

I read a book….nothing uplifting…a Lisa Scottoline Crime novel….just reading!

I took a Nap….turned on the fire, curled up under my wonderful new throw and slept for that whole hour that was “free”!
It was a wonderful, relaxing day!

I did putter around in my craft space….and other people’s blogs…..dreaming up NEW projects!
Were you getting worried about me?
So a post has to be something other than me having a “project strike”…..so here goes…


For years….4 exactly….I have had this little cheat sheet hanging on my sewing inspiration board!
It is the best step by step directions for mitering corners!
It is copied from a Threads Magazine article….
It truly changed my life….well not really….but I am a bit of a drama queen when I tell a story!
I was going to try to do a tutorial and show you how nifty it works….
but you remember….. I am on PROJECT STRIKE!

I did a little research….a voila!  There was a similar article on line…now I can just link to it!
The article I found left out this first step….so I found a video clip to explain it!

You really need to use a pressing template for perfectly even folded edges…
Seriously, you won’t believe the difference this makes.
These are file folder examples….but I make longer ones when I do a big project like a tablecloth or curtains.
Here is the link to a really good video…..which shows how to use pressing templates

Then follow these steps from this Threads Article
I am going to put a few photos from the article to give you the idea….but using THEIR tutorial will insure your success!

Now…an explanation of why I need to keep the article on the wall when “I do this all the time”?
For some reason, I just can’t remember how it works…..I can’t do jigsaw puzzles either….
But the little memory jogger does the trick…
Guess I need to make some placemats…or napkins….or a tablecloth!

Now….back to the couch to watch junkie TV I have saved on the DVR…..the fur throw is calling my name!
Stop back tomorrow to see if I have reached a Strike settlement with myself….I do have quite a bit of my book left to read!

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3 comments on “How to Miter Perfect Corners-Sew Easy!

  1. NanaDiana

    I am going to save this-that is one of the hardest things about sewing..making perfect corners. Hope you have a wonderful night! xo Diana

  2. Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door

    I have to say I'm quite glad you're on a personal project strike if it encouraged you to post this! THANK YOU! I can use all these tips! From the mitered corner tutorial, the pressing templates as well as the tissue paper hint! Thanks so much for sharing this. It's going to come in very handy!

  3. Anonymous

    This is VERY similar to the way I gusset totes, pouches, bags, etc. Works every time! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Please visit if you get a minute away from your settlement negotiations (LOL!): http://wp.me/pYcKQ-jB

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