I wrote a post this summer about loving Marimekko Style Designs.
There are examples of how Marimekko inspired designs seem to be in lots of places in the house!

Check out this post to see how these fabrics in our house!

A couple of years ago, we painted the upstairs bathroom a very deep chocolate brown.  The shower curtain that I put up right after we painted was made from this fabric. 
(I don’t have a picture of what it looked like because seriously….BEFORE I BLOGGED I don’t take pictures in my bathroom! Go Figure!) 
 Now this is nice enough fabric….but then on a trip to the fabric store….
I fell in love….(well in like anyway) with this print!

I used one of my trusty “Almost No Sew”  techniques…

My definition of “Almost No Sew” is: 

  • Something that can be done with fusible web or a glue gun instead of a sewing machine.  

Now….since I have a sewing machine and know how to use it….I actually do the stitching….but you WOULD NOT have to if you want to make this…

So alas no tutorial or pictures of the project in progress….

Here are some simple written directions:

To make a shower curtain you will need 2 Lengths of fabric (typical drapery fabric is 54-60 inches wide).
1. Measure how long you want the curtain and add at least 2 inches for the top and bottom hems.

  • I bought 4 yards of the fabric….now that is pretty spendy for me because even with a coupon this stuff was $9 a yard….but I was  in love with it!

2. Cut 2 pieces of fabric that is 12 inches by the width of the fabric….

  • This is for your tabs

3. Cut the fabric in 2 pieces and seam them together (straight seam on the machine or fusible webbing will work…never tried to glue gun….but why not)

  • Now you have a big wide square….. 

4. Fold both sides in about and inch to make a nice clean edge….again use a simple straight stitch or fusible web to do this.

5.  Cut the tabs out of the 12 inch piece of fabric…. 8 x 12 pieces

  • You get 14 tabs out of the 2 12 inch pieces of 60 inch wide fabric.

6. Fold the 8 inch tabs with the seam on the inside….

  • press them nice and flat with the seam at the back.
  • Fold them in half and you are ready to attach them to the top of the curtain.

7.  Fold the top hem of the shower curtain over and run a stitch across or…fuse it.

8.  Pin your tabs evenly across the top….

  • I start by putting one on each end and one in the middle and then figure the best placement from there.
  • I sew a straight row of stitching close to the top and then one more about 3 inches down.
  • this is where I think a glue gun would give a nice strong attachment if you don’t want to sew!

9.  Measure your curtain to make sure you know how long you want it….then turn up the bottom for a nice hem.

I have a plain white tension rod that makes it easy to hang the curtain….with a liner behind it!

There you have it!

A few coordinating touches….

A fun little GW plate in the perfect colors…

The Paisley Candle...(here is how I did that)

I found this great print in a book of prints at GW!
A little matting with my trusty mat cutter….and a GW frame!

The orange and brown matting really pop against the brown wall!

I don’t really like to use artificial flowers….but these orange tulips will have to do

….at least until the coral charm peonies bloom!

Since I did this project BIB (before I blogged) and I don’t have photos….I thought you might need to visit some sites with the actual tutorial for tab top curtains…

 This site has lots of ideas for easy window treatments….well worth the visit!
 Alternative Windows  –

This site is just funny….
Home Staging-Why Stitch

And at The Nester worth checking out….watch her sit on the toilet to iron her curtain!

I read that the “2012 Color of the Year is Tangerine Tango”….
I guess since I made my curtain in 2011….I am a trend setter….LOL!


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