I am going to a baby shower today!
It should be fun!
2nd Baby for this darling family!
Mom-to-be didn’t want a shower OR presents!
Her friends ignored her….threw her a shower..
That poses a dilemma
Mom-to-be doesn’t want gifts….
You can’t go to a shower without a gift!
Here is my Sweetwater Style Solution!
Personalized Baby Note Cards!
The baby already has a name…go figure!
When we had our first….we took so long picking the name that the hospital told us they would KEEP her if we didn’t pick a name!

I know the color scheme in the baby’s room…orange and tones of brown and beige…

AHA!  This project will fit with my “Use What I’ve Got Challenge 2012”!
  • I’ve got my trusty Cricut!
  • I’ve got that great software that you can’t buy anymore (Sure Cuts A Lot)
  • I’ve got paper in all those colors
  • I’ve got tons of envelopes
  • I’ve got ZOTS!
  • I’ve got a cute little gift box from the Axe Man
  • I’ve got a few minutes to put it all together!

 I started by designing the layout for the cricut using the Sure Cuts A Lot template!

I found the little ducks on the Internet and copied them

Don’t hate me for having the SCAL…but it is just the coolest thing to be able to design any layout without buying a cartridge!

I cut 4 each of 4 different colors.

I trimmed the 6 x 12 sheet to 6 x 9 ….folded-it is a perfect 6 x 4 1/2 note card

Cute Huh!?

Then I had all those cute little ducks…
The $.25 gift bag from Axe Man had advertising that needed covering up!


Enter the ZOTS…

These little adhesive dots make quick work of attaching stuff to paper…Or in this case plastic!
I just stuck the ducks in a row to cover up the advertising!
Then I made a little gift tag with the 3 x 6 piece I needed to trim off of the cards.
Put the notecards in the gift bag…
Tied on a ribbon….
Stuck on the gift tag….
Not too bad….for a use what I’ve Got Project!
All those little ducks marching in a row make me think of the classic picture book,
Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey
If this mom-to-be had wanted presents….that would have made the perfect companion gift for these notecards!
HMMMM….maybe I will do that when he arrives!
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  1. Dynamic Gift

    What a carefully planned and thought-out present you have there! And the best part is that you made the most out of what you currently have.

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