Do you think that “other people’s dirt” is dirtier than your “own dirt”?

Interesting question…..

The Sweetwater Son and Girlfriend moved into their wonderful new house last Friday!

Yippee for them!

Yippee for us because that meant that all the furniture they were buying on Craig’s List and storing in our garage left us for it’s new home..

Now all that is left are the Sweetwater Daughter’s Law Office furniture which is leaving tomorrow!

Are you ready for the “dirty story”?

Chapter One!

Well….moving day was also MY BIRTHDAY!  

And….what would any good mother do on her birthday if  her offspring’s new house had a lot of “other people’s dirt”?

Yup …..get DOWN and DIRTY….and get rid of that dirt!
We actually had fun scrubbing and polishing and wiping away the remains of the previous owner’s leftover dirt!  It wasn’t filthy…..but it was “other people’s dirt” ….so it needed to be wiped away!

We ended the evening standing around in the kitchen scarfing down some really great take-out food and toasting the new homeowners as they surveyed their new digs….

Best Birthday ever…to see your kids settling in to a great new home….and having them want you to be a part of it!

Chapter Two! 
For the next few days, everywhere I looked in OUR house, I saw OUR dirt!
I kept thinking: “What if someone came to Sweetwater and looked around?  Would they be horrified by the dirt they saw?”  
Most Probably!!!
And Then…..on Tuesday the new energy efficient refrigerator we bought for the basement was being delivered and I really looked at the area it would go in.  This spot is what some of my friends call “Mary’s Store” because it houses all the party supplies, matting supplies, flower arranging stuff and a bunch of other goodies….
It was disgustingly dirty and this was NOT “other people’s dirt”….it was all OURS!
Luckily the delivery wasn’t until the afternoon……..I spent the morning cleaning the bug droppings, cobwebs, dried up gunk…etc. etc. etc…..
My reward….a shiny organized space….and no embarrassing moments when the delivery men pulled out the old refrigerator!!!!
The new refrigerator in place…..with a clean floor all around!

I crawled behind all the frames and ribbon box… this floor is clean too!

 I reorganized and cleaned under all this stuff…..
too much stuff….but it always comes in handy!
I found mat board I didn’t even know I had…!

Chapter Three!

Some of the other little dirty secrets at Sweetwater!  I am only showing you these things because I know some of you secretly enjoy looking at dirty pictures.  You know who you are!!!

Look at the lovely view through the cobwebs on the screens…….maybe someday!

This lovely spot is the drain in the furnace room.

 No, this isn’t a preview from “Hoarders”!  It is the closet that stores all the holiday decorations….

I really need to get in there before December to have access to all that stuff when I need it!

Look at the great pile of dirt I found when I was dragging the kitten out from behind the washing machine….oh my!

With a little more time, I could probably find you more…..
I guess you could  call this “House Pornography” if this wasn’t a family friendly blog! 

Some people believe that…….

But only To A POINT!!!!

I would like to believe that I can remember one of the guiding principles of Sweetwater Style…. 

“Don’t Wait for Perfect” 

My excuse for all those dirty little secrets around here is that I have been busy….NOT CLEANING!

Here is a great quote I found that expresses exactly how I feel about this topic!
Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy.  
~Author Unknown
Have a Great Day…..

If you take the time to read the comments below you will notice the suggestion from Janet that this quote is another very appropriate sentiment!!! I totally agree….don’t you!

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