This is the front of the invitation we sent inviting our relatives to come celebrate the end of Summer.
I can’t wait…..and it should be fun….because….

Wouldn’t YOU want to party with this stylin’ group!
Mr. S and I love to host events here at Sweetwater!
We have it down to a pretty good system….and it is pretty stress free!
I thought I would share some of what is going on behind the scenes as we get ready for our party on Friday evening! 
My friends will tell you that I am not much of a list maker….in fact if I had to check things off on a list….that would stress me out!
I always laugh when I see those handy check lists for planning a party….my word….most of them have you planning for months to have a simple party! 
 but if you WANT a check list….
For heaven’s sakes…..other than deciding on the date/time/theme and sending invitations….you really shouldn’t need to start preparations for a party more than a week ahead of time!
The party is four days away….and this is what I am doing today!
  • Defrost the turkey so it can get smoked on Thursday!
  • Hard-boil some eggs for egg salad….
  • Clean the deck….
  • Hide some clutter….
  • Polish the furniture and get rid of some cobwebs….
  • Get out the trays, baskets and other serving items 
  • email people who have volunteered to bring food to share….
  • decide on the “flow” for the different party areas….food, beverages, dessert
I think I can handle this and still find time for a nap!!!

Since the weather forecast promises a beautiful summer evening, I know that people will be out on the deck.

 I did some pretty brutal dead heading of the flowers in the planters….
By Friday they will be back to fresh blossoms….
I also bought a couple of $2 mum plants to fill in the spots that looked sad…..
hey….I am worth it!

 Come Friday….I will flip the chair covers over….this side is faded and dirty…..and
oooh….I looks like I need to do take a couple of minutes to disguise the pots in the planters on the deck…. 
I dug out the old fabric from the bedroom drapes…..
cut it into squares…..tucked it around the nursery pots with some spanish moss….

and in 10 minutes….no more ugly nursery pots…..

Now….did I do this just for the party?   
NO…..but the party was the motivation!  And I will get the benefit for days to come!!!

Here is my new favorite thing on our deck…..

Since the only way we can have herbs and lettuce at Sweetwater is on the deck because all the bunnies and deer would love it if we planted in the garden…. refuse to be their suppliers!

…. Mr. S. gave me this awesome Triolife planter for my birthday….I have been wanting one for a long time….

A tiered planter is a wonderful space saver….the one we had been using was plastic….and definitely showing it’s age… can imagine how happy my new planter makes me!
I suppose a clever DYIer could make one…but they have them at Amazon if you are interested!

Back to party prep….

We moved the bench to the seating group….I will move the rose bush on Friday…..and now with a little bit of cleaning and sweeping, the deck is all set….

The solar twinkle lights will recharge and be all ready to set the atmosphere for lovely conversation area at the party!

Stay tuned for Getting Ready to Party #2….tomorrow will be menu planning…..don’t be expecting a lot of recipes….remember….this is a stress free party planning series!!!

Have A Great Day….I am going to go sit in the sunshine on my shiny clean deck!!!!