I cleaned the grout on the tile floor in the master bathroom yesterday!!!

Now…. this may not be the most exciting topic….
In fact… is a pretty boring topic….

But I bet it is a topic that you think about once in awhile!!!

It all started when the Sweetwater Son’s SO told the Sweetwater Daughter how she got such clean and shiny grout on her kitchen counter….

Then the Sweetwater Daughter cleaned the grout in her bathroom…..and it was all clean and shiny…..

So of course I had to keep up with THEM!!!!  Especially when the Sweetwater daughter brought me the leftovers from her project….

These are the magic potions…..

I am not a big believer in magic potions….especially when it is a cleaning product or anti-aging creams….guess experience is  a great teacher….usually the stuff “sort of works” but no “miracle” happens!!!!

Well wait until you see how this stuff works….

This is the way the floor looked before I started….not bad….well unless you look really close…and unless you know the grout is supposed to be WHITE not GRAY!

Now look!
Yup…..same floor!
With just 2 hours of work….
The Grout cleaner alone did an amazing job……
but the Grout Coating made the big difference!

The grout at the top of the photo has the coating on…..

The grout at the bottom of the photo has just been cleaned with the Zep Grout Cleaner…

Not bad…in fact I think that it would be good enough in a couple of other spots in the house!

This photo really shows the full effect!!!
Lots of years of dirty feet and spilled make-up…..

Gone girl…..Gone!

It even motivated me to clean the rest of the bathroom so I could take pictures…..

Now if we could just do something about the 
countertop…..the sinks…..the popcorn ceiling….the mirror I hate!!!
But you have to admit the floor looks amazing!!!
Here are links to the 2 products on Amazon if you are interested in more specifics!

I might just do the grout on the laundry/mud room floor this afternoon….
I might just lay on the couch and read a book….we shall see!

Have a Great Day!

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0 comments on “How to Clean Your Bathroom Tile Grout!

  1. Mariel

    Great tips! I'd love for you to share this or any of your great ideas at the link party going on now (and every Saturday through Tuesday) at 'Or so she says …' Hope to see you there!

  2. Holly Lefevre

    That is magic…I need some!

  3. sam Daniel

    I hope this will help us too, to cleaning floor grout. I will try this one definitely. So from where I can order this online.

  4. Pete Henderson

    Oh man! Cleaning tiles and grout can sometimes be a big pain. Here’s what I suggest: you can borrow a rug cleaner with a rotating brush and suction for water. Then you can make a solution composed of hot water, baking soda and dish washing liquid. It will be a breeze; trust me!

    Pete Henderson

  5. Tomi Wilhoit

    After a few years, tiles get blemishes that make it looks dirty and unappealing, especially the white ones, so we always have to clean and scrub at least once a month to keep it in pristine condition. If we know how to clean and maintain our household, I'm sure it'll last longer and we don't have to constantly remodel and renovate spaces.