‘Tis the Season 

of Everything PUMPKIN!
I am not really into all that pumpkin flavored stuff…
I do love to use pumpkins as a
 Truth be told….I actually like the little gourds that “look”
like pumpkins better than pumpkins for decoration!
I usually pick them up at the grocery store.

Here is my super simple trick for making sure pumpkins and/or gourds don’t spoil!
If you do this, your little gourds will last through Halloween right up until Thanksgiving!

The problem that needs solving is the dirt and bacteria that is on the gourds when they get picked!

If you just wipe them off with a wet cloth, the dirt is gone, but the bacteria is still lurking around!

The solution is BLEACH!

A cup of bleach added to a sink full of water does a great job of disinfecting the gourds!

 Dump in the bleach…..
Add the pumpkins…..
Fill the sink to cover the gourds….
Give them a good scrubbing!

Look how clean and shiny these little guys are now!

Now they are already to put on display!

These gourds will certainly last and be a perfect addition to a Thanksgiving Cornucopia!
 This trick only works for indoor display….alas….once a pumpkin or gourd freezes….it will rot! 
Have A Wonderful Day!