Summer is over as of last night!
I say bring on the Fall!
The weather this week promises to be absolutely beautiful!
I plan to spend some time out in the garden trying to get ahead of the weeds!
I will also enjoy the flowers that are still in full bloom.
There is something about the  golden light this time of year that makes the flowers almost glow!
We will probably spend a lot of time by the fire pit enjoying crisp fall evenings!

The big pots needed to have a little Autumn Decor!

The Purple Fountain Grass is looking very Autumnal….but the annuals were looking pretty tired.
I was going to go get some pumpkins…..but then I thought….
and what I have is lots of artificial pumpkins!

  • They won’t get rotten if we have an early freeze!
  • They won’t be a target for neighbor kids to take and smash!
  • I can take them out and replace them with greens!

BUT…..they are so light weight that I was afraid a blustery fall wind would blow them away!

What to Do?

The solution was pretty darn simple!

I used an exacto knife and cut holes in the bottom of the pumpkins.

They are meant to be carvable….so this was no problem.

Then I simple stuck a dowel (or I would imagine any stick from the yard would work too) into the soil in the pot!

Then the pumpkin went over the dowel for stability!
Not rocket science….but it solves the problem!
These should stay looking nice all fall!
 I also used some of the artificial pumpkins on the baker’s rack on the front steps….hopefully they are protected enough that they won’t blow away!
I hope you have time to get out and enjoy these lovely last days of September!
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