Ahh July and Summer is really full on!

It is time to put some simple summery touches in the decor around here.

Using “what I have” and not spending any money is my challenge.

There are some things that just say “SUMMER”.  It is just a matter of gathering those things and placing them around the house!

This nice big stack of fluffy white towels on the rack in the master bathroom certainly says “Summer”!

Nothing could be easier!

The ottoman in the living room is slipcovered with washable off-white damask fabric.  It easily comes off for washing….so it is no problem to put your feet up and relax. 

 There are usually 2 red pillows on the sofa.  I took them off and they are down in the sewing room waiting for Summer Slipcovers.

I have a really fun technique for these summer pillows.  I will write about that when I finally get them finished.

In the meantime, the two pillows you see in the photo are made from some silk/cotton blend sweaters I bought at Good Will.

The Good Will mirror on the ottoman is a great display space.  The bowl is a new Fitz and Floyd find from goodwill.  It is filled with shells and potpourri.  Bags of potpourri found at the thrift store are great buys.  The “stuff” in them is always so interesting.

The Hurricane Lantern is one of six that I have collected over the years.  I use them in so many different ways through the year.

Yup, that is one of those flameless candles….I am over how they aren’t “real” in the name of not worrying about safety!

A summer hat tossed on the entryway table along with a straw beach bag look like I am ready to head to the beach at any moment! 

I bet you have a fun hat hiding in your closet that could make a “Summer Statement” in your decor. 

Mine reminds me of the straw farm hat that used to hang in the hallway at Grandma and Grandpa’s farm when I was a little girl.

Picnic baskets are also iconic summer items.  This one is sits in the kitchen looking like we are off to have a dinner OUT! 

We aren’t much about picnics so chances are that won’t happen…..

but hey…
we can always drink the wine on the deck.

OR…I can see if Marvin will get in and I can pretend to be Dorothy in OZ!

Switching out the photos around the house to reflect happy Summer memories is another simple decor option.

So there you have it! 
Simple things that anyone can do to add some touches of Summer around the house without spending any money!

I have some more ideas….but I have to get on with the pillow project!

Have a Wonderful Day!