Hydrangeas are to late Summer what Peonies are to Spring!
 You have to love this sentiment!

This post is not about growing hydrangeas.

 I want to talk about using Hydrangeas in floral arrangements.

If you don’t grow them or know where to beg, borrow or steal them, you probably know that each bloom can cost upwards to $5 a stem…..YIKES!

Hydrangeas can be a bit tricky. So it really helps to know some tricks to keep them from flopping!

NO MORE DROOPY HYDRANGEAS is a post I wrote a few years back.   It is worth the time to check it out and get the tutorial as well as some links to Hydrangea Experts who will give you great advice!

Tomorrow morning a lovely bride is coming to Sweetwater for a DIY Flower Party.  We will put together all of the bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and table arrangements while we sip some Mimosas and do a little female bonding!

There will be Hydrangeas and it is pretty darn important that these flowers last through until Sunday!

Thanks to the Sweetwater Daughter (also the Matron of Honor) we will have lots and lots of Hydrangeas.

One of her friends has several really big plants outside her business.  She gave us permission to take all we wanted!


Conditioning them became even more important because we had to cut them in 90 degree heat last night.

The fresh cut blooms went directly in to cold water for the trip home.
All the leaves got stripped off and they sat in the water for the night…..after all the Gophers were playing an important football game!

I made fresh cuts on each bloom this morning and dipped the ends in almost boiling water!

This may look like a crime scene from a TV drama, but it isn’t.

The big beautiful blooms are soaking up to their necks in cold water.

Wet dish towels are draped over the top to hydrate the blossoms.

This will give them lots of staying power for their “big day”!

It was soooo hot last night that we didn’t spend a lot of time picking only perfect blooms…..

The little brown petals are easily removed and the blossoms can be pulled apart to be just the right size in the bouquets and arrangements.

Whew!  Lots of work….but worth it!

I figured that since we have more than enough blooms….a couple could be used to freshen up the flowers on the dining room table!  Hey…I earned them…right?

Here are some Hydrangea Resources if you want to read more!
Hydrangea Mania
Prolonging Hydrangea Blooms
Hydrangeas Hydrangeas

Tomorrow will be very busy with the DIY Bridal Party.
I just poured a glass of wine and am sitting back to enjoy this Hydrangea Art Show!




Wish us luck for tomorrow’s event!
And the wedding is sure to be wonderful too!
I promise lots of pictures….and not just of the flowers!
Have A Wonderful Day!

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