I bet you didn’t know that Mr. S owns a Castle!  
Yes he does! 
Sadly it is not located in some faraway locale that we jet off to for getaways! !  
It is however used for getaways….of the hunting and fishing variety.

Right now the “Ice Castle” resides in our driveway awaiting the start of Deer Hunting.

Mr. S. has used my “decorating” services through the years for the decor in the trailer.

Past projects were custom curtains for the windows that attach with velcro.

This fun bulletin board was fashioned from an old wool shirt with some wine corks for a border edge! 

 The trailer is 7 years old and has seen a lot of use over those years.  The cushions for the table and sleeping area had taken the hardest hit.  
The foam was all out of shape.  NOT to mention the fact that the CAMO fabric was forgive my pun….”BUTT UGLY”!

Time for another “almost no sew box cushion” project!  If you follow this blog, you know I am all about NO SEW projects even though I do know my way around a sewing machine.

You can go to these past posts about the technique for making good looking box cushions without a lot of work. There are really specific how to instructions here:
Almost No Sew Box Cushions
Almost No Sew Box Cushions with a twist

The first step for the trailer cushions was finding the foam and picking the fabric.
It meant a trip to the huge outlet fabric store with Mr. S.  Now THAT was an adventure in shopping!

First off….the price sticker shock for the foam was pretty intense!  There are five 48 inch cushions to do.  At 75 cents an inch….YIKES!  Mr. S carefully did the math and we had them cut to length right there.

On to the fabric selection!  I could have browsed for hours to check out all the options.

  • A “manly” plaid?  
  • A subtle texture? 
  •  A bright pattern? 
  •  More CAMO (NOT)?  

That isn’t exactly how it went!  One trip down the denim aisle…..BOOM….the choice was made!


Once we were back home, the cushions were cut to width using an electric knife.
I covered two cushions at a time so that Mr. S. could check for fit each time.  This was a good plan as the last cushion needed to be a tiny bit smaller to make the fit perfect.

Go check out the tutorials
Almost No Sew Box Cushions
Almost No Sew Box Cushions with a twist

The basic technique is to sew a tight tube of fabric to go the length of the cushion.
Then fold the ends like you would a present you are wrapping.
Hand stitch this.

I imagine that having these professionally recovered would have cost a pretty penny.
This project was right around $125 even with the expensive foam!

I guess the plain navy blue does look nice….

but next time how about something a little more in keeping with the CASTLE theme?

Have A Wonderful Day!

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