I have always loved this quote from the movie “You’ve Got Mail.

I love, love, love little twinkle lights!

I hate, hate, hate the difficult task of hiding the cords to make those lights twinkle!

That is why I love the solar powered lights that are on the deck….no muss…but alas as the days grow shorter here in Minnesota…the solar battery doesn’t store very much energy and the lights dim pretty quickly! If you live somewhere that has more sun in the winter…sigh…they would be wonderful.

Here is my latest “twinkle light” obsession!
These strings of LED lights are on copper wire and run on AA batteries! 
The copper light is so easy to use. It is super thin, so it hardly shows.  
It bends so it can look like the lights are floating.

They are not super cheap relative to plug in lights….but the fact that you don’t have to deal with cords makes it worth it for some spots that are far from an outlet.

The wreath on the mantle has one little string of lights.

I have always struggled with lighting this spot because the outlet is way down on the side of the wall.

That means a long unsightly cord winds down and plugs in.

No more with the battery powered lights.

The copper wire almost disappears in the greenery.

BTW…if you are ever building or redoing a room with a mantle….consider adding an electrical outlet on or near by….
Wish we had thought of this!

 I love this little grapevine tree that I found at Goodwill a few years ago.

The little copper wired lights were so easy to add on.

 Look how they just disappear.

The battery pack hides in the base.

This simple arrangement in the window over the kitchen sink is just greens with dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks.  The addition of a string of copper wired twinkle lights adds a special touch.

The front window in the living room just called for a big wreath.  Too funny….this wreath was created using the metal ring that was a part our new firepit…something that we didn’t need….but I just knew would come in handy someday.  A little airy artificial garland and red berries worked to make the wreath.  And a string of 100 LED lights on copper wire make it special.  Again, no unsightly cords to deal with.

The addition of a lantern with a battery powered candle is the finishing touch.

Last but not least….the top of the desk in the den!
Making the arrangement of the antlers from Mr. S’s hunting trips along with some dried fungi and greenery took almost no time to do.  
The twinkle lights are the perfect addition!

The other great thing about these lights is the fact that they are so easy to store when it is time to take them down.  They wind up and go back in the little (4 inch square) boxes they came in.  Because they all can be put in a shoe box on the shelf….I will be able to use them for other fun accents all through the year!

You really should consider adding these little lights to your decor stash!

Have A BRIGHT and SHINY day!

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