Easy Summer Memory Wall Decor!

Once the 4th of July is over, we are in the thick of the Summer!

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of soda and pretzels and beer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
You’ll wish that summer could always be here!

Lyricist Charles Tobias 

 Well then…..

 Are you wondering why I am showing you a picture of a house taken in late fall?
Well….I want you to notice the red trimmed storm windows on this house…which is the house Mr. S grew up in!
When the house was sold….and it was time to clean out the garage…

We “rescued” one of the old stormwindows to hang in our house!

I decided to turn the window into a Summer Memory Gallery!
I dug through some photos and came up with some of my favorite family images of Summertime!
I used my trusty mat cutter to cut mats for them…..
but you could just stick the photos on the glass too!
Clockwise From the top left:
This photo is probably circa 1920….I don’t know about your family….but we really don’t wear suits for our campfires!
This is the Sweetwater Daughter helping her Grandma do the dishes in the hot kitchen!
That is little old me….at the sink at my Grandma’s House!
The next image shows a group of people on the farm…”playing”…I think it is wonderful to imagine farmers who were working so hard….having time to play!
The Sweetwater Son with a slice of watermelon….hamming it up for the camera!
Mr. S and 2 of his brothers all decked out in their swimsuits…too cute!
This is a photo of my family in 1952….swimming in the Atlantic ocean….it may be the only picture of my Grandmother in a swimsuit!
It is fun to have these memories on the wall to enjoy!
There are a few other Summer  touches on the walls here:
This little treasure is the wool swimming suit that belonged to Mr. S’s Grandfather…
It is dark navy blue….and oh so little!
Also…oh so heavy!
I had a navy and white beach bag that looks nice hanging along side!
This watermelon print is hanging on the refrgerator!
I used the trick of gluing magnets on the back of the frame!
 I was too lazy to take the chalkboard off the stairway wall….
That is why this picture is so terrible….sorry!
But…I saw this summertime message somewhere in blogland and thought it was really cute!
The lake map is actually a place mat from a lakeside restaurant we like!  
I think all of these little touches of Summer here at Sweetwater fit the philosophy of “Use What You Have”…
Have a Great SUMMER Day!

Free Photo Editing Software iPiccy

I am in full on decorating mode here at Sweetwater!
The house is a disaster…..boxes…..ribbons….greens….
I will share some of the decor in the next posts….
I discovered the coolest on line Photo Editing Site and just had to share with you!
 These are a couple of collages that I made!
Super simple and intuitive to use!
 The images above are snaps of the decor in the kitchen!
I am especially loving the Goodwill copper bowl filled with the stuff I took out of the cornucopia and the gorgeous Goodwill pears!
The wreath was a bit tricky to hang….good that the Sweetwater daughter stopped by to be my spotter!
I always lean a seasonal image in the back of the stovetop!
The little bells hung on the back of the chairs are sure to bring Marvin fun times!
I found the cutest Christmas card with Santa scratching the kitty….
hey…every cat needs art when they eat!
The other prints are also framed Christmas cards….
The bell swag is a cheerful sound coming and going through the garage!
Now back to iPiccy
At first I thought that it would be pretty basic!
But the professional touch up tools are almost as good as some in Photoshop and so much easier…..
The one draw back is that there is no straightening tool….so I still used iPhoto for that…
Anyway….just had to share and think it is worth your time to take a look!
Now back to the boxes….and greens…and bows OH MY!
Have a Great Day!

Frame Christmas Cards for Wall Decor and Gifts!

Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!

We had a delightful day…..small and low key….but wonderful non-the-less!

Now I am ready to DECORATE!!!!

I am a real stickler for waiting until AFTER Thanksgiving to put up ANY Christmas Decor!

BUT…..thank goodness I did  break my own rule and get the planters by the firepit done Thanksgiving morning…..because from a sunny morning with 50 degree temps at 8AM the weather had turned to snow and 30 degrees by nightfall!

 You won’t be getting a closeup of the planters…..would you believe I was out there yesterday morning without a coat!!!???

My first goal for today is to get all the Holiday themed framed pieces on the walls.
Mainly because……
Marvin won’t be able to mess with them!!!

 Sure…..he looks sweet, innocent and calm…..but that is all a RUSE!

Yikes….we are a little (no a LOT) worried that our little Monster Kitty will be a REAL challenge this year with holiday decorations!

In fact I think THIS will be one of our most important tools around the house this season!

ENOUGH about Marvin for now…..

Most of my framed pieces started as Christmas cards….

These hang in the laundry room… they look nice on the freshly painted gray walls….
Thanks Mr. S!

Now you know I have my trusty mat cutter….and know that this allows me to mat any size card and put it in any size frame….

BUT…if you don’t have a mat cutter….(great to put on your Christmas list BTW)…

Since most Christmas cards are a pretty standard size….you could easily replicate these b heading to Bonne Volanté to buy a few frames….and to Micheals for some simple mats. 

This gorgeous card has Spanish text!

I love the browns and golds, so I matted it in a dark brown.

I think it will be nice in the orange/green/brown bathroom!

This little cat looking longingly at the bird outside the window always brings a smile…..

Especially when you know that it hangs on the wall three inches above the floor next to the cat food and water…..

These 3 coordinating gift tags aren’t really matted….

This was made PRE-mat cutter….

The frame came with the beige mat….I just glued the gift tags evenly apart on a gold mat board…..

Another tip for holiday art….look through your favorite Christmas Photos from the past….

This is a wintertime photo of the lake cabin that our family and friends frequented for YEARS….alas it is gone now….so framing this will keep the memories alive.

Best part… email had an offer from Walgreeens for a FREE 8 x 10 enlargement….so with a minimal purchase….seriously, I am soooo cheap I tried just ordering one 19 cent print….and it worked!

HMMMM….hope I have a frame…..

Maybe you have the ingredients for some awesome holiday art sitting in the closet right now!

Have A Great Day….I have to go chase Marvin out of the ribbon box now!!

Happy Friday-Sharing TIme!

I am putting on my librarian hat!
I’m doing what all good librarians do….

“…. picks liberries from wild liberry bushes and makes a liberry pie. Mmmmh! Mmmmh! So delicious!”
R. Lee Hadden

No actually a librarian’s whole job is finding stuff  you just have to read or learn!

I have been doing my research just for you!

Isn’t this picture interesting?
I made it using a new FREE App for my iPad.

Read on to learn more!

 If you have an iPad and like to play with the pictures you take, this app is for you….it is FREE and pretty easy to use. 

The original photo of the sunflower looks like this:

 The hardest part of the whole deal was deciding what I wanted to do….

disclaimer….you WILL waste a lot of time playing!

Go to the Apple Store and try it!


I am a catalog junkie….
I love looking through them and I know that you all do too!
I discovered the FREE GOOGLE CATALOGS for my iPad just yesterday!
Maybe this is why I didn’t get any posting done!
Imagine…..the latest issues of a lots and lots and lots of catalogs!

Disclaimer:  More time wasting…..and you can click and order from the app….watch those fingers!


Japonizer is another fascinating little time waster that you are sure to love!
You can customize traditional Japanese textile designs and download them.

 I made these in a hurry…so simple!

Then I was reading somewhere…
About the theory of Dirty and Clean Colors….intriguing! The idea is that certain colors are clean and others are muddier and it is a mistake to  mix them in the same room.

Note to self: Bookmark stuff you are going to post about so you can give credit!

If you are the person who posted about this…make a comment so you can get some credit!

 I did some researching and found this article that explains the theory:

Two Little Words That Can Change the Life of Your Interior Design  

SO…..IF YOU GIVE A BLOGGER A LINK ABOUT COLOR…she’ll probably need to give you a tip!


 This is my Paint Fan Deck from Benjamin Moore. 

I have one from Sherwin-Williams too. 

I can’t tell you how useful they are when we are picking paint colors.

You can buy these for around 10 dollars at the store.  Well worth it!




 Here is a link I found to Benjamin Moore’s Virtual Fan Deck. 


Now it is Friday Night….I need to go have some real not virtual fun!