Isn’t this quote from Anne of Green Gables apropos for the second day of October?
Once October arrives, it is definitely pumpkin time.
If you want to have your pumpkins on display for the whole month, you probably need to opt for the fakes! 
Then in a couple of weeks you can buy the real thing for your Jack-O-Lantern.
Artificial pumpkins have come a long way.
There are hundreds of ideas for making those fakes look more real.
Mostly I just do a dry brush of gray or white craft paint to soften the harsh and shiny orange.
It can be a challenge to get a natural looking arrangement when you use artificial pumpkins.
Fake pumpkins are real “light weights”!  
When the wind blows….your arrangement will crumple at best and be all over the neighborhood at worst.
The table on the deck is meant to be a fire pit.  Fire and wooden decks are not compatible.  We use the fire pit part of the table as a planter box.
Let’s deconstruct this project.
1 mini straw bale from Home Depot ($6.99)
Artificial pumpkins (from the storage stash)
Artificial leaves (from the storage stash)
Some real leaves
3 wooden dowels (from the storage stash)

Stick the dowel into the straw.

A nice straight stick from the yard could work if you don’t have a dowel.

Pumpkins can go directly into the dirt left in your flower pots. If you live in a warmer area…just use this trick to give your planters a fall look.

Use a sharp knife to “carve”  holes in the bottom of the pumpkins.

This should take you a maximum of 2 minutes!

Then put the pumpkin on the stick.
My little helper was working on eye hand coordination when he aimed the pumpkins onto the dowels!

HMMM….if an almost 2 year old can do this…you probably can too!

A few branches of artificial leaves and some real oak leaf branches are tucked along the edge of the straw to hid the edge!

Now….the wind can blow and these babies aren’t going anywhere! 
It really couldn’t be easier!
Enjoy Your Day!

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