What could be more iconic than a cornucopia at Thanksgiving?

The cornucopia (from Latin cornu copiae) or horn of plenty is a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts. The horn originates from classical antiquity, it has continued as a symbol in Western art, and it is particularly associated with the Thanksgiving holiday in North America. (Wikipedia)

This is the 2016 version here at Sweetwater.
I used a collection of artificial fruits and vegetables
with bittersweet, magnolia leaves and pheasant feather accents.
It is finished off with a burlap bow.

I have blogged about arranging a cornucopia in past years….so if you are interested in a tutorial of sorts, click here: Tips for Arranging a Cornucopia.

Probably the most important tip is to look for the horn shaped baskets at the thrift store.

Setting the Cornucopia on a tray or basket is a simple way to give your arrangement some substance.

Using a tray makes it look like the stuff is tumbling out “on purpose”.

I used raffia as the fill this year.

There were enough items to fill the opening and the basket.

If you don’t have as many items, you can use a block of dry floral foam and insert picks into your fruits etc.

A piece of burlap or other fabric can cover the foam block.

You know….I really believe that making something pretty is very therapuetic!

I just had to share this tutorial for a cornucopia favor made from a waffle cone!
Too Cute! 
On the to do list for sure!
Have A Wonderful Day

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