It seems like ages ago that Mr. S,  the Sweetwater Grandboy and I went shopping and bought a new sofa.
It WAS ages ago….November in fact!

Don’t you just hate it when they tell you that your new furniture will be here in 6 weeks and it takes more like 15!!!!
The store finally called last week to schedule the delivery!
I was so happy.
I had a meeting and was gone when the sofa was delivered.
When Mr. S asked where I wanted them to put it….I said it should go right where the old one was.
Sounds like a plan….

The sofa was in place when I got home…
…and it is absolutely wonderful!I love it….

  • Great neutral color that goes with the new wall paint and the rattan chair cushions.
  • Long enough for Mr. S to stretch out on at naptime.
  • Deep cushions to cuddle into.

BUT…..something was just a bit off with the room arrangement!

Mr. S was off to go ice fishing for 3 days.
I figured that rearranging could wait…..but it was bugging me that my beautiful new couch was not in the right spot!

And then….
Sweetwater Daughter to the rescue!

When I “whined” about the arrangement….she said….”Let’s just DO IT!”

I love moving furniture with her….she doesn’t get “an attitude” 
when something needs moving more than once! 
I am sure you know what I mean!

We got moving!
Now the room looks like this!

I guess there are “rules” for arranging furniture!
If you are a rule follower, here are a couple of sites to look over:

This link is from Better Homes and Gardens.  Once you register, you can virtually move your furniture around.  “Say What? ”

 Furniture Arranging Tool –‎ 

These rules are pretty good…..and amazingly I think I followed a lot of them!

10 Rules for Arranging Furniture 

The problem with RULES is that you don’t always have the pieces that allow you to follow the rules!
The problem with RULES is that you can’t just go out and buy new stuff….especially when you just spent your furniture budget on a new couch!
Instead of going out to buy new things to follow the rules….
I “shopped” the house!

There are a few more tweaks to do…..hey….at Sweetwater the decorating is never done!
Sadly, drinking red wine on the couch is a thing of the past! It is good that the little leather loveseat is comfortable and easy to wipe clean!
But for now…..I am going to sit on my new couch with a clear glass of water and enjoy!

Have A Wonderful Day!

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