It wasn’t hard to choose what I am enchanted by this month.
I had the pleasure of attending an “enchanting” event this past week that was the epitome of finding enchantment in a disenchanted world.

Children First is an amazing community initiative.

  • It is a philosophy rather than a program.
  • It focuses on positive character-building traits.
  • It targets all St. Louis Park youth, birth through 18 years old.
  • It calls everyone to support our young people.
  • It is a partnership among the business, city, faith, health and education communities bringing the community together to support youth—intentionally making connections and building assets.

I am proud to be a trained asset champion in the Children First program.  Learning how to foster assets in our young people has been very rewarding.

Now….on to the 25th Anniversary Champions Breakfast celebration that was so enchanting.
Imagine a room filled with a virtual community wide “who’s who”….all in attendance to support kids!

Take a moment now to watch this video clip that tells the story of Children First!

Now…you have to agree that this is truly “enchanting”….as were the other speeches and stories that were shared.  The result was some pretty amazing contributions to the cause.

Sweetwater Floral was proud to provide the decor for the event.  Check out these photos….

Here is your homework for the day….Check out the 40 Developmental Assets that are proven to help kids….then think of a some ways that you are already providing these….even better….do something to develop more assets.

It truly does “take a village”…or in the case of SLP…a community!
Hats off to all involved.

Have A Wonderful Day!