When I cleaned out the laundry room closet yesterday, I found this Christmas themed candle that I had never used. (I just hate the labels on jar candles)

Should I use the ribbon?

Sooo….what to do?
I decided to cover the ugly label with pretty scrapbook paper.  I think it turned out very well!
If I hadn’t burned it one time I would put it in my gift closet.

Is it better plain?

Here is what I did:

  1. Measure the size of the candle jar
  2. Cut the paper to fit-since the paper is only 12″ and the jar was bigger around, I found a coordinating paper and cut a piece to cover the gap
  3. I used dry mount tissue to adhere the paper to the jar but rubber cement or Spray Mount would also work.
  4. Use a bone folder to press the paper on firmly.
  5. Add a bow and attach the back of the bow with a dab of glue.

More on Dry Mount Tissue:
I discovered this magical stuff when I used to mount posters for my classroom.  The advantage is that unlike using a spray-on type of adhesive is that you can take your time lining things up before making the actual bond. It’s really strong (and VERY permanent) and creates a nice bond with no air bubbles and such. Then a couple of years ago, they were throwing huge rolls of the stuff away when cleaning out a school library that was closing……so I scored it all!!!!  The directions say that you need to heat it up to bond it, but I never do….I just use a bone folder and press really hard.  The best thing is that there are never any bubbles and no waiting for glue to dry.  If I ever run out of my “free” supply, I will certainly invest in more.