Before I talk about tools, let’s take a moment to celebrate all the great father’s out there! Since my own dad is no longer here, I will be celebrating my children’s father, but remembering mine with great fondness.

My Dad and me a very long time ago!
Like Father, Like Son!

Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.  ~Gloria Naylor

A trip to New York….see the Twin Towers…!

 Now about those power tools.  Manicured nails or not, I have my own power tools and know how to use them!  Getting over the fear of using power tools has made such a difference with my projects.  If you don’t have any-start asking for them for gifts-way cooler than some sweater that won’t fit and that you could find cheaper at GoodWill!
Here is a list of tools that I use….and a slideshow of some of my favorite projects that I used them on.

The Essentials

  • Power Sander- Easy to use and such a time saver.  I have used it to sand down the window sills, refinish any number of pieces of furniture..the list is endless.
  • Battery Powered Drill/Screw Gun- No explanation necessary 
  • Sewing Machine – yes I consider this a power tool
 Beyond the Essentials BUT Great to Have!

  • Router-Sounds scary but it is not (other than having to wear those horribly ugly safety glasses-NOW that is SCARY).  Investing in this tool and the table to use it on has been great. John and have spent some lovely “bonding time” using this together!
  • Combo Nailer/Stapler with Compressor-I don’t know how I ever did projects with just the electric staple gun!  It is great for upholstery or woodworking projects.  My daughter borrows it all the time (hmmmm….maybe I won’t buy her a sweater for her next birthday).
  • Miter Saw-to be honest, I let my husband operate this one…not that I couldn’t do it, but hey he has to do something.  Seriously, my goal is to master this so that I can make frames.  

Check out the projects I have used my tools on: