“Never buy an accessory that you can’t use in at least two rooms.”
I read this somewhere last week.  Of course I can’t remember where….so I can’t give the writer credit.

This simple idea really stuck with me.  I realized that I do this a lot. 
You probably do too, but sometimes we all need little reminders to “just do it”!
Here is a very simple example, using some pillows that I made a couple of months ago.

When I saw this fabric, I knew it was perfect for the new pillows I wanted for the family room couch.
It was….until I decided to do summertime slipcovers for that couch.  The background color doesn’t go with the slipcovers.

As you can see the slipcovers are in process.  Seat cushions on but not finished.  Back cushions to be done soon.   I will keep you posted on this project another time.

Now What? I really love these pillows and don’t want to hide them in a closet.
So I used the advice and tried them in other spots in the house.

They look good on the den couch.  The red from the other pillows is a nice match.

 Forgive the lighting in this photo, but the pillows look great on the bench in the bay window.   The pattern mix is interesting.

Here they are on the living room sofa.  I like the way they give this room a lighter summery feeling.

And hey, moving accessories around is a lot less work than rearranging furniture.
So take the challenge-look around your spaces or in your closets-see if there are some simple ways you could give a room a new look by switching out an accessory.

Now I am off to go thrifting with some girlfriends…..I will be sure to only buy things I can use in more than one room.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Kim

    And what fun the thrifting was! The new pyrex bowl looks great filled with fresh peaches!

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