Imagine the school library where I spend an awful lot of my time from Sept. to June….
oh you don’t have to imagine…it looks something like this!
The color and layout of the space are really nice!
Well I guess “Sweetwater Style” extends to my work environment too!
I am constantly rearranging the furniture….decorating the tables….hanging up art!
My mission is to create a warm and inviting place for learners (adult and student) can spend time!
Sort of “if you decorate it ….they will come!”
And given the state of school funding….this all has to happen on a less than minimal budget!
Do you see the blue chairs in the foreground of the photo?
Well there are 20 of them….and I decided to recover them….
So now you understand the title of this post!
Read on to see the plan….I have 2 done and have 18 to go!

The 20 blue chairs were donated to our school 12 years ago.

The existing blue fabric has seen better days….and 12 years of hard use is evident.

But the chairs are sturdy and when I researched finding new ones….the cost was over the top!

I knew I could “just do it” myself…..
I have been keeping my eye out for the perfect fabric…..

When I found this fabric I just knew it would be perfect!

 The colors are perfect…
The geometric design coordinates well with the other elements in the space.

The cost was $7.99 a yard…..

I decided to take the leap!

I Enlisted the aid of my husband for dismantling the chairs….
I used my trusty compressor and stapler…..
Tugged, pulled, cut and stapled….

Here are the 2 finished chairs in their new home!

The colors in the photo don’t do them justice…..but you get the idea….the fabric swatch photo is a much truer color pallette.
And this is “command central” for my library lessons that integrate stories and technology!

Notice the color wave on the library desk in the background….with the circles of purple and the orange and gold wave…..truly a match!

I am getting rave reviews from most of my 600 critics…..although one little 3rd grade boy thinks they are “kind of busy” and a 4th grader thinks “plain would be better,,,,,go figure!?

Anyway….I will post more photos and a tutorial when I get more of them done….
I just needed to share while the project is still “FUN”…we will see when I am doing numbers 10-20!
My new motto is “One chair at a time….”
Stay Tuned!

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0 comments on “Am I crazy or what? My latest Project!

  1. Cottage and Broome

    Love the fabric, keep plugging away on the chairs. It will be wonderful when you are done. Laura Cottage and Broome

  2. Cottage and Broome

    Mary, how wonderful to learn your school is a Spanish immersion school. I wish those opportunities were available when I was growing up! I also see your are in Minnesota, I lived there many years ago, a beautiful state. Thanks for stopping by. Laura – Cottage and Broome Your newest follower.

  3. Anonymous

    You are an inspiring person! So much work and effort. Amazing!

  4. NanaDiana

    They look REALLY great! You are doing a real service for the school! 2 down….wow….gotta admire your enthusiasm! xo Diana

  5. Honey at 2805

    You have undertaken a fabulous project. The fabric is just perfect. It's interesting to me about the little boys' comments. My son has always disliked things that are "too busy".

    Thanks for sharing your project at Potpourri Friday!