I always look at the scarf selection when I go to Goodwill!

I bought this beautiful silk scarf there a few months ago. You can see that it was a real bargain!


It is a great big square so….I never figured out how to wear it as a scarf!

I have been admiring batwing sleeved tops like these lately!
They look so elegant and simple!

HMMMMM….I decided that making one couldn’t be too difficult!
And I was right!
I started by folding the scrarf in half.  The black border was perfect because it would be a band along the bottom and along the batwing sleeves.
I cut the scarf in half along the top edge.

Then I measured in on each side and marked a spot on each side for the shoulder seam.  I left the opening for a slouchy neck line.

I decided to do a FRENCH SEAM to make the inside of the top look neat!
Here is a link to step by step directions for sewing a French Seam.
Basically a French seam is just sewing the seam right sides out….pressing it flat….trimming close to the stitching….turning it wrong side out and stitching the seam allowance inside the new seam!  Perfectly clean inside edge!

 Then I tried it on….adjusted the size of the neck opening by trimming the front a tad bit lower…and finishing the neckline with a double turned flat stitching.

I slipped the top over my head and measured (???) where I wanted the body of the top to fit on each side.  I marked each side and stitched a straight seam up to where I wanted the armholes to be!  I went up 11 inches…but that would depend on the fit you want!  This too can be adjusted for fit after you stitch! (I used a basting stitch first “just in case” ….but I guessed right and was able to just restitch with a shorter stitching for stability.

Here is the finished top!
I think it will look nice with black pants or jeans!
and for $1.99 and an hour or sew of work….not too shabby!
I think I will keep an eye out for some other fabrics or scarves and make another!
Have any of you made anything like this?
I would love to hear/see your projects!
Have a Great Day!

0 comments on “Simple Batwing Top From A Scarf Tutorial

  1. ~Lavender Dreamer~

    Wow! I love it and you'll enjoy it all Fall! You're so smart!

  2. Lynn

    Nice fashion DIY.

  3. Heidi Fuqua

    The top turned out wonderful. And don't you love it when you get a great deal, and then you find the perfect use for it.

    Heidi’s Wanderings