I have to admit something that might make some of you roll your eyes…..

 I absolutely refuse to clutter up the refrigerator with the collections of family photos, coupons and notes!

I think it is probably my cluttered brain that can’t handle MORE clutter in the kitchen….but hey I don’t mind looking at this clutter in OTHER PEOPLE’S kitchen….REALLY….

In fact….I often find myself enjoying those same collections of STUFF in OTHER PEOPLE’S  kitchens and thinking….WOW….they have such interesting lives!!!

The other morning I was looking at bare white side of the refrigerator abuts the computer desk where I sit A LOT!

Now even for me…..that was a bit on the sterile side!!!!

HMMMMM….what to do?

This is the simple and easy solution I came up with!
A framed Christmas Card….of a cityscape in Winter….
6 round (pretty strong) magnets glue gunned (is that a word???) around the perimeter….
I already had some in my “craft stash”, but I might just buy some more!!!
And in less than 10 minutes…..and a few trips up and down the basement stairs to see if I had used enough magnets  (until Mr. S suggested that I try out the magnet strength on the BASEMENT REFRIGERATOR…instead of walking up and down the stairs…well duh!)
I now have an uncluttered but less sterile refrigerator to look at!

Oh….by the way…..at Sweetwater we DO have all those pieces of daily life around here…
this is the solution I have come up with that doesn’t make me crazy!!!
It looks to me like this could use some organizing too!!!! 
A project for another day!!!
Here is a post with the Tutorial for making this message board!
Back to the framed art on the refrigerator…
I am imagining all kinds of ways that this could work…
Framed pictures of kids…..
Framed pictures of vacations….
Collages…..Scrapbook Pages….

Leave a comment with YOUR ideas…..or slap me down for being such a refrigerator SCROOGE!
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