Well…..Here it is!
The completed Mitten Tree created for the Festival of Trees Gala!
We had soooo…much fun creating this tree!
The total cost minus the pre-lit tree:
Now….I still think that is a lot of money….
the big ticket item was the Nordic Throw for the tree skirt and the hardcover copy of the book!
The ornaments were almost free…..
The mittens were made from $30 dollars worth of Goodwill sweaters…
The big bows were $15 worth of ribbon from CostCo….
A little raffia…or I guess a LOT of raffia….
Some scented pine cones from Michaels…
And there you have it…..a pretty darn cute tree!
The Sweetwater Son asked me why I don’t have a themed tree like this AT Sweetwater???
HMMMM…..maybe it is because I still think $150 is a lot of money for a tree….!!!
Watching the other tree designers was a lot of fun…..and a learning experience!  
Here are some images of some of the other trees at the festival!
Now….these trees are a bit on the glittery foo foo for me….but they are gorgeous!
What I did Learn:
  • BIG is better…..and very effective….some of the ornaments on the trees were full sized snowmen and stockings….
  • Wrapping tulle through the branches adds fullness and a big effect for little effort!
  • All of those BIG branches of artificial “STUFF” stuck in randomly in sprays is really pretty!
  • Some people like GLITTER a LOT more than I do!
  • Winding garland of grape leaves and bunches of grapes make a gorgeous “winery” look!
  • A Thematic color scheme makes even the simplest tree look pulled together!!!

 What I might of done differently for our tree:

  • BIGGER mittens might have been fun!
  • BIGGER wooden circles might have been more of a WOW factor!
  • You live and learn!

Oh…and the GALA was lots of fun too……check out the cute little chicks that followed me home from the Silent Auction!

Have A Great Day!