I am in full on decorating mode here at Sweetwater!
The house is a disaster…..boxes…..ribbons….greens….
I will share some of the decor in the next posts….
I discovered the coolest on line Photo Editing Site and just had to share with you!
 These are a couple of collages that I made!
Super simple and intuitive to use!
 The images above are snaps of the decor in the kitchen!
I am especially loving the Goodwill copper bowl filled with the stuff I took out of the cornucopia and the gorgeous Goodwill pears!
The wreath was a bit tricky to hang….good that the Sweetwater daughter stopped by to be my spotter!
I always lean a seasonal image in the back of the stovetop!
The little bells hung on the back of the chairs are sure to bring Marvin fun times!
I found the cutest Christmas card with Santa scratching the kitty….
hey…every cat needs art when they eat!
The other prints are also framed Christmas cards….
The bell swag is a cheerful sound coming and going through the garage!
Now back to iPiccy
At first I thought that it would be pretty basic!
But the professional touch up tools are almost as good as some in Photoshop and so much easier…..
The one draw back is that there is no straightening tool….so I still used iPhoto for that…
Anyway….just had to share and think it is worth your time to take a look!
Now back to the boxes….and greens…and bows OH MY!
Have a Great Day!