Happy New Year from Sweetwater!
This photo makes it look like Mr. S and I had some elegant, fancy New Year’s Eve Celebration!
We enjoyed NOT being with a crowd of people!
Just some leftover Alfredo Sauce served with some tasty scallops….
a couple of episodes of Boardwalk Empire
A glass of wine and early to bed!
It was actually a pretty nice New Year’s Eve.
Hope yours was just as nice in it’s own way!

Organizing is what you do before you do something, 

so that when you do it, 

you are not all mixed up.


Like the rest of the world….I have the organizing bug….just a slight case…..nothing serious, but I did clean a couple of drawers yesterday and I am determined to put the Holiday Decor away in some sort of sensible order with (GASP) labels on the boxes….

I did take a break from my organizing to do some blog reading….and of course it was the organizing tips that caught my eye….(maybe my organizing bug is more serious than I thought)!  
Irina’s Cute Box
This post about a simple way to organize scarves caught my eye:
I am sure you can empathize with my bin full of disorganized scarves hidden under the bed….
They look that way because the only way to find the one I want is to STIR through them….YIKES!
I decided to make one of these organizers…..and since it was WAY below zero outside…..I wasn’t going outside….no way–no how!
Mr. S….now that was a different story….he was on his way to Home Depot…..so I enlisted his help.
I also enlisted his advice…..hmmmmm…..and he came up with the idea to use PVC pipe joints!
He brought home a bunch….paid about 65 cents a piece for them….
They are nice and sturdy….but I was worried that because they are so deep, the hanger and hot glue would support them.
More advice from Mr. S…..use TWO hangers….
I got to work with my trusty glue gun….
First I arranged the PVC in one hanger and started gluing them together and along the edge of the hanger.
Then I slid the second hanger over the other edges of the PVC pieces and continued to add beads of glue until it felt secure.
It turned out like this…..not bad….and I like the fact that the 2 hangers will keep the bottom from shifting back and forth.  The depth of the PVC also makes it nice for thicker scarves.
This picture is NOT taken from the inside of my closet….why…..because I haven’t gotten to the rest of the organizing that it needs!  The scarf organizer filled with scarves takes up about 5 inches of space in the closet….I plan to use it to keep the scarves I am wearing right now….the rest can just stay in the box under the bed!
NOW for the BAD NEWS!
You may have noticed that I did not title this post “Thrifty DYI Scarf Organizer”!
Because after buying the PVC….
this little project cost the same or MORE than the scarf organizers you can buy!!!
Oh Well….I like mine better….and I didn’t need to go out in the cold to buy one!
Happy New Year!
Stay Warm!